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Vector3D Studios
Update OnJuly 4, 2022
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Unmatched Air Traffic Control MOD APK is a simulation game inspired by the work of an airport controller. You need to plan to control and guide the aircraft to land exactly as originally planned to ensure the airport’s operation schedule. First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Unmatched Air Traffic Control

Unmatched Air Traffic Control – Control all flight and landing activities at the airport

The airport is one of the most important places in today’s time. Every day, hundreds of planes land and take off at any airport around the world. Therefore, if the air traffic control process is not guaranteed, everything will become chaotic. Join Unmatched Air Traffic Control, you will have the opportunity to explore the work of air traffic control at a large airport.

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Your task is to ensure that all incoming and outgoing aircraft follow the correct procedures, avoiding congestion. At the same time, the publisher Vector3D Studios also integrated a sensor system to help players complete their work more easily. There have been more than 5 million installs of this game through Google Play. Are you ready to fulfill the assigned requirements?

Know important parameters and information

Important information regarding aircraft should be thoroughly explored in Unmatched Air Traffic Control. Each plane in this game will have a special sign or problem so that players can distinguish it easily. Gradually, you will better understand each type of aircraft through the research in this game. After understanding the parameters related to the aircraft, you can give precise directions to help them get to a safe location. Your main purpose is to guide the plane to land and take off safely, avoiding collisions between them.

Make sure the plan is right

Every flight, when taking off or landing, has an initial plan so that everything is always under control. As an aircraft navigator, you need to help the plane land at the airport in absolute safety. Unmatched Air Traffic Control provides players with the most perfect solutions in each stage. You just need to know this information to help the aircraft navigate the most accurately.

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First, you will help the plane reach the safe landing area, and find the most suitable hangar. There will be a lot of aircraft storage at the airport and you need to control it well if you don’t want to be overcrowded. Don’t forget to give some specific signs so that the pilot can see and follow your instructions.

Fix common errors

Unmatched Air Traffic Control will constantly bring players difficult situations. This is when you need to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities to complete the assigned tasks. Don’t worry, the ideal help from this game will also help you to solve problems more easily.

Besides, the difficulty will continuously increase in this game will definitely make you feel more difficult each time you solve the problem. Besides, you can also use the money you receive after each mission to upgrade new features for the aircraft navigation system. Each upgrade will improve certain elements. And you will have to spend a lot of money to upgrade the parameters to the maximum.

The control is relatively easy to understand

Despite the complicated gameplay, the control method in Unmatched Air Traffic Control is very easy to understand. Join the game, you will see all the parameters along with the icon that appears on the screen. Each will come with a completely different function. So you just need to learn about them carefully to make the most accurate choices. In general, the interface of this game is quite intuitive and does not bring too many difficulties for players in the initial stage.

Fine-tuned graphics

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Unmatched Air Traffic Control possesses beautiful 3D graphics quality that makes the details appear on the screen clear. You will have the opportunity to observe giant planes from up close or learn about how planes work right in the cockpit. At the same time, the airport environment is also shown very vividly through the details designed according to the original real life. If you own a device with a low configuration, don’t worry. This game has been optimized for mobile devices so it can work smoothly on any mobile device.

How to install Unmatched Air Traffic Control

Step 1: Download Unmatched Air Traffic Control (APK or MOD) version developed by Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the Unmatched Air Traffic Control_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and play the game.

Download Unmatched Air Traffic Control MOD APK for Android

Unmatched Air Traffic Control is a simple game but extremely interesting and attractive to players. The player’s experience will be pushed to the next level through the details that appear on the main screen. You will have to make informed decisions in each of the different situations to help the plane land safely. Don’t miss this game if you are a lover of airplane-related games.

Features MOD:

  • Unlocked Content


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