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Genius Inc
Update OnApril 19, 2022
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My Secret Ocean Boyfriend APK is a place for you to explore interesting interactive situations through the original story. Unlike previous visual novel games, this game only focuses on exploiting one story instead of many different stories to give players a seamless experience. Before experiencing it, let’s learn about this game briefly.

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Introduce about My Secret Ocean Boyfriend

My Secret Ocean Boyfriend – Swimming club-inspired simulation game

Have you ever thought about meeting handsome guys and creating romance stories with them? Of course, you will be the one to decide which guy is most suitable for you to date. In My Secret Ocean Boyfriend, players will be satisfied their needs by meeting handsome guys with different personalities.

My Secret Ocean Boyfriend

Each guy will approach you in his own way, and you need to research them carefully before deciding to choose. Basically, this is a brand new visual novel game from the publisher Genius Inc. They are too famous for their visual novel games developed on mobile, so you can rest assured about My Secret Ocean Boyfriend. Currently, this game is available on Google Play and our website, please download it to feel the fun it brings.

Inspirational story

My Secret Ocean Boyfriend owns a seamless story, accessible to any audience. More specifically, this game inspired a story related to the swimming club. When your swimming club is in the process of being dissolved, this is the time when you need to find new members to help keep the club afloat.

It’s very fortunate that so many people apply to the club, especially since there are three handsome guys. The weird thing is that you’ve never seen them before on campus. They don’t seem interested in swimming, they are more interested in you instead. Each of these guys is trying to approach you with some sort of purpose, is it affection? Join this game to learn more about this interesting story now.

Make sensible choices

Like most visual novel games at the moment, My Secret Ocean Boyfriend requires players to make continuous choices throughout the game. In each situation, you will see several possible answers. But you are only allowed to choose one answer to continue the story.

Just like that, the content of the story in the game will continue until the end. Your mission is to make the best choices in each moment because My Secret Ocean Boyfriend has many different endings. Each of your choices will change some of the details that follow, so think carefully if you want a happy ending.

Meet handsome guys

As mentioned, My Secret Ocean Boyfriend offers three handsome guys with different personalities and looks. Typical:

Kai: He’s a German swimmer but very tech-savvy. He always knows how to attract the main character’s attention every time he appears, and Kai’s dream is to develop technology and become famous all over the world.

Minato: Unlike Kai, Minato has a gentle personality and is quite shy in public. For some reason, he has lost his voice, and his dream is to find his voice again to continue his previous singing career. Can you help him?

Nagisa: Nagisa has a slightly rude personality but always helps those around them when they are in trouble. Like the two guys mentioned above, Nagisa also loves you very much. Can you give this guy a chance to show his affection?

High-quality graphics

My Secret Ocean Boyfriend’s graphic development method is quite familiar when all the details are shown in a cartoon style. However, you will see the strangeness in the way the three boys stand out in the game. They look very cool and don’t look like real boys, rather in a more mythical style. Besides, this game will continuously bring different situations with diverse contexts. We are sure that you will be excited about what this game presents on the screen.

How to install My Secret Ocean Boyfriend

Please uninstall Google Play if you have installed it before. Then proceed to install the APK or MOD version released by Modded-1.com.

Step 1: Search for the keyword My Secret Ocean Boyfriend, and download the APK or MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Start the process of installing the downloaded APK file and wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “My Secret Ocean Boyfriend by MODDED-1.COM”. You just need to log in and experience the fascinating visual novel gameplay of this game.

Download My Secret Ocean Boyfriend APK for Android

My Secret Ocean Boyfriend will help you become the main character in a fantasy story with many remarkable details. The gameplay is very simple, you just need to choose the most suitable answers to continue observing the story development. Besides, the content in the game is also designed to be very diverse, enough for players to spend hours experiencing it without getting bored.

Features MOD:

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