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Come to Forest Island and immerse yourself in the gentle natural world to relax and relieve stress. This is the place for you to have fun with the lovely animals on the island and immerse yourself in melodious music. Unlock new animals and upgrade your island to discover loads of fun, are you ready?

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Introduce about Forest Island

Forest Island – A simple but perfect game

Forest Island

Forest Island – A product from the publisher NEOWIZ is a free simulation game on the Android platform. Although everything looks very simple from the context, controls to the visual style, but this game is considered a tranquilizer for every gamer. It is classified in the genre of relaxation and anti-stress games. Therefore, it attracts thousands of gamers worldwide and receives positive comments from users. So if you are looking for an experience to clear your mind, Forest Island is the best choice to try.

Join the romantic world of nature

Coming to Forest Island, gamers will have the opportunity to explore the natural world on a small island. Here, they can unlock a variety of lovely animals such as foxes, ducks, white bears, black bears, birds, even dolphins. With the reunion of romantic scenes and all kinds of species in the world, this game makes for an undeniably engaging experience. You will find there what you need for an adventure beyond the mind. There is no depression, pressure, or competition, everything happens according to the laws of nature in a pure way.

The player’s adventure won’t stop unless they don’t want to continue it. The activities on the island will be repeated but always create a feeling of newness and excitement. Players will participate in those activities, from unlocking, taking care of animals to upgrading the island. Every action is useful to protect the natural environment created by you. But just touch the screen to do everything, so it doesn’t take much of your time and effort.

Lovely and abundant animal friends

Forest Island includes every kind of animal from the natural world in its collection. So gamers will have the opportunity to collect and interact with the animals they love. Not only terrestrial species but also aquatic species. Each species will be compatible with different ecological environments, but everything is available in the game to explore. Invite as many floating animals as possible to revitalize your island. Not only bears, foxes, birds, but also cranes, owls, alpacas, gulls, dolphins, seals. Great, isn’t it?

Players will have the opportunity to see the lovely expressions of the animals on the island. Besides, they can also observe the living habits and characteristics of each species for free on the phone screen. This is an opportunity to hone your knowledge of the natural world, which may be beyond your understanding and imagination. Don’t forget to care for your animal friends on the island to see them grow up and be more interactive.

Protecting the island is your mission

Environmental pollution seems to be becoming a serious problem for every country around the globe. But you can do something for your little natural world to raise awareness of environmental protection. Players need to protect the animals by preventing the forest island from being degraded and destroyed. Besides, please clean the forest regularly by removing the ashes. There are many ways for players to get involved in protecting their island and its natural surroundings. Although it’s not real, it means a lot.

Animated graphics and relaxing sounds

From the first time we saw Forest Island, we were impressed with its graphic style. The images in the game show friendliness and intimacy thanks to the cartoon design style inspired by real life. Besides, we have to mention the lovely natural backgrounds and icons because they make a vivid experience not to be missed. Each gesture, touch operation on the screen brings beautiful effects and funny sounds.

More specifically, it is impossible not to mention the music because this is the most successful part of the game. Those are melodious, deep but attractive background music. They create a feeling of relaxation and refreshment every time you listen to them.

How to install Forest Island

To play Forest Island, please follow the instructions below. If there is any problem, comment below to talk about it and we will get back to you soon.

Step 1: Download Forest Island APK or MOD at the link at the end of this article. Simply tap the link.

Step 2: Go to “settings” on your phone device and enable unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and select “install”.

Step 4: Installation is complete, open the game and play now.

Download Forest Island APK for Android

What you can find on Forest Island is a relaxing experience like never before. The beautiful natural scenes with all kinds of lovely animals will make you unforgettable. Immerse yourself in this romantic moment and release all your troubles. It’s the best and free experience on mobile. Just tap to play and listen to melodies throughout your adventure. Close your eyes and enjoy the peace of mind, it’s great, isn’t it?

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