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Evochron Mobile has been officially released on Google Play with an early access version. Join it now and start your journey to discover everything about the universe with modern spaceships. You can design flights, explore, mine materials, trade, trade, and even fight in space.

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Introduce about Evochron Mobile

Evochron Mobile – Space simulation game with free and varied gameplay

Evochron Mobile is the mobile game version of the PC game of the same name that was first released in 2016. It is remade and optimized over the original version to provide a convenient experience for mobile gamers. This leaves it in jeopardy from fans, but rest assured, this game won’t let you down. It’s more optimal by no means worse than the original version. On the other hand, it will give you a new feeling to play anytime and anywhere on your phone.

Evochron Mobile

But this game retains the typical gameplay of the PC version. It is a galaxy-themed simulation game that is loved by many gamers. There, there is no specific plot or character, gamers will create their own journey on the most advanced spaceships. Drive your ship and go on unprecedented space exploration. You can even explore planets, mine resources, trade, and survive in the universe. Strategy is what determines your position and ranking.

Explore the universe on ships

Evochron Mobile has very well described the vast galactic context including many planets and thousands of stars. It’s like a real paradise that you never thought you would set foot in. But now, it lies before your eyes, and you can even touch, and float in it. To move in space, of course, gamers will need spaceships. The game has dozens of modern ship models to control with relatively complex mechanics.

The spaceship control interface is designed in great detail, including 6 control buttons (forward, backward, rotate, tilt, and more). Besides, it also has other function buttons to probe, aim and shoot. At the same time, it also includes a space customization system for gamers to freely change the coordinates and space of their experience. Gamers will drive the ship from the first-person perspective, so it is easy to enjoy the entire interior of the ship and see the universe directly through the glass door. Everything is more realistic and detailed than you think.

Fight to eliminate space enemies

The tasks of gamers in Evochron Mobile are quite diverse. The game integrates a quest system according to its gameplay, including mining, trading, combat, and adventure. Gamers can sail through planets and land anywhere to see the terrain, weather, and scenery there. At the same time, they can set up factories to extract resources and minerals and trade them on the space trade. It’s an unprecedented form of business, but the profits will surprise you. Take your time to explore and mine, then accumulate coins and use them for future upgrades.

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Another important task in the game is survival. Gamers will have to eliminate enemies who are real players in space. To fight, they will need real warships with many useful weapons. There are three types of weapons to try, including particle cannons, rockets, and beam weapons. The damage ability and control method of the weapons will be different. Gamers need to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each type to optimize combat ability.

Upgrade your spaceship

Each spaceship in Evochron Mobile will have 6 stats to upgrade. It includes speed, agility, mana, firepower, shielding, and armor. Use the money you earn from business to upgrade your ship, helping to increase the aforementioned stats. When upgraded, your ship will have more advantages in battle. At the same time, you will shorten the adventure between planets.

High-end 3D graphics

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Speaking of graphics, we can’t complain about anything at Evochron Mobile. It is designed with a high-end 3D background, which vividly depicts galactic backgrounds and spacecraft models. The console, the ship’s appearance, the ship’s internals, and more are all very detailed. The movements are also very smooth, creating the feeling of being immersed in a real spaceship driving experience.

How to install Evochron Mobile

Step 1: Visit the MODDED-1.COM website, search for the keyword “Evochron Mobile”, download the MOD version below the article.

Step 2: Click the install button to proceed with the installation on the device.

Step 3: The icon of the game will appear on the main screen. Log into the game, you will see the words “Evochron Mobile by MODDED-1.COM” appear first.

Download Evochron Mobile MOD APK for Android

If you love the galaxy theme, Evochron Mobile is a great choice to try. Although it doesn’t have an official version yet, you can try the early access version for now. This version will have many shortcomings because it is still in development. But basically, the gameplay of the game has been clarified, and you can design your own flight and go on amazing space adventures.

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