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Update OnMarch 19, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Code Name: Romance MOD APK is a dating simulation game that gives players elements of horror and romance through the attractive content available. Here, you will still become the main character with the task of making important decisions to change the main story content. Lots of choices along with different endings are waiting for you to explore.

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Introduce about Code Name: Romance

Code Name: Romance – Romantic interactive otome game with mystery elements

If you have ever enjoyed visual novel games before, you will certainly feel familiar with the publisher StoryTaco.inc. They specialize in producing visual novel games on mobile devices with typical gameplay along with different unique stories. Code Name: Romance is also one of them. This game is extremely suitable for players who love romantic interactive Otome and mysterious and dangerous elements.

Your decisions will cover the story content and change it in many different directions. Gradually, you will feel the change in a positive or negative direction in love through the main character’s point of view. Moreover, a lot of endings are added to each story that will surely keep you hooked. Try downloading Code Name: Romance through Google Play to experience it right away.

The story is divided into several parts

Like most other visual novel games, Code Name: Romance gives players a story with depth, divided into many different parts. Players will receive the heroine’s aura through a beautiful girl with cute short hair. This makes this girl be pursued by many handsome men.

Your task is to interact with each person to make the right relationship development decisions. A variety of emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, mystery, or drama emerge in interactive situations. Therefore, you just need to make the choices you want to fully explore the emotional spectrum that this game brings.

Be the heroine and make a decision

Code Name: Romance allows players to approach interactive situations in the game through the perspective of a beautiful girl. Initially, you will start by naming the character and jump into the story immediately. The interactive process in the game will take place in the form of familiar chat bubbles. You will rely on the dialogue on the screen to make the right decision in each situation. Accordingly, there will be two to three choices available to you in each situation. The right choice will help you develop the main story in a positive direction and vice versa.

Learn about the main character’s lines

The main character lines in the game are not too diverse but enough to give you many different emotions. They are handsome guys with type names Adam, Dante, Owen, and Aria. Each guy has a completely different appearance and personality so you can interact in many different directions. All are very characteristically represented through the images depicted on the screen. When you interact with each character for a long time, you will better understand the messages and stories they are trying to convey.

Explore over 200 different options

Code Name: Romance offers players 2 to 3 different choices in each situation. These choices all stick to the original question, so you can be completely assured of the content’s continuity. Up to now, this game has more than 200 different options for players to freely explore the available content. Of course, the number of choices will significantly increase in the next updates to bring a more engaging experience.

Many plot twists are built-in

The surprise of the player will be pushed to the climax through the Plot twist variety built into Code Name: Romance. Accordingly, you will be rewarded with different endings for the main character based on the choices made. At the same time, the Plot twist appearing will contribute to making the stories in this game much more surprising and interesting. In the end, you can review what happened to the rest of the characters to better understand the main story. Thereby, you have a more overview and avoid repeating the wrong choices in the next play.

How to install Code Name: Romance

Step 1: Allow the device to install from Unknown Sources if this is the first time installing the APK file on the device.

Step 2: Download the game through the APK link below this article.

Step 3: Tap the “Install” button on the home screen.

Step 4: Icon Code Name: Romance will appear after successful installation, touch it to play the game.

Download Code Name: Romance MOD APK for Android

Code Name: Romance will definitely bring you interesting Otome experiences. The fascinating, in-depth content in this game will surprise you through different choices. Of course, you need to think carefully before making the most optimal choices in each particular situation. If you want, you can also download our MOD version to always make the best choices in each situation.


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