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Update OnNovember 24, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium Choices/Outfit
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Cinderella after 4

Cinderella 4 MOD APK gives players romantic love stories with a lot of interesting situations. In the game, you will make the right choices to help the main character get a happy ending after each story. If you want to know more about this game, please refer to the article right below.

Note: There are many interesting visual novel games waiting for you to discover like Winked: Episodes of Romance or My Musical Romance.

Introduce about Cinderella 4

Cinderella 4 – Otome game combined with typical visual novel elements

Visual novel games always know how to satisfy players with attractive love stories available. Cinderella 4 is no exception. This game allows players to date beautiful girls through different stories. Sometimes you will date a girl with a personality in modern times, or sometimes meet a princess in a fairy tale.

The diversity of the plot is the factor that helps this game from the publisher COMINO Inc. & INTEREST LLC. attract the attention of players. Remember that this publisher has been very successful with products of the visual novel style before. So you can be completely assured of what this game brings when experiencing. Cinderella 4 is currently available on both the App Store as well as Google Play. So you can easily choose to download the game easily.

Choose a story and start the interactive series

Like most other visual novel games, you will start Cinderella 4 by choosing a suitable story for yourself. Of course, the stories in the game are diverse with much different content so that players can quickly find the most suitable option. Most of the stories available are geared towards romance, so you can rotate the stories to better understand what they’re about.

After a successful selection, the player will begin the series of interactions through the main character’s point of view. Each situation will develop in the form of a question, you just need to choose the right answer out of four available answers. Each answer will change the main plot of each story slightly, so think carefully. If you respond emotionally too many times, you can lose control of the story, which can easily lead to a bad ending.

Character makeup

Cinderella 4 allows players to freely dress up their character through the many options available. You should choose the right costumes to help your character score points in the eyes of beautiful girls when you first meet them. Each outfit will bring different styles, and the price will also change. Therefore, you should consider carefully choosing the most suitable outfits. If you buy too many clothes, you will not have enough money to pay for other activities in life.

Relationship development

Developing relationships with beautiful girls is something that everyone wants to have. In Cinderella 4, the player will develop a relationship through various scenarios displayed on the screen. You will begin by selecting the appropriate answers on the screen. As mentioned, your decisions can completely change the main plot and break the relationship with the opponent at any time. In general, this is also the factor that makes visual novel games so attractive, and you should choose the most correct answers.

Subtitle feature

Besides the English language, Cinderella 4 allows players to enjoy the story in the game through another language. That is, you can see two languages at the same time on the screen to make decisions easier. If you don’t know English vocabulary well, you can add a familiar language to make playing the game easier. This will help you to enjoy the stories in the game while learning more foreign languages.

Light graphics, many details

Cinderella 4 brings beautiful graphics quality, all details are expressed in a gentle style combined with the outstanding 3D format. The appearance segments of the main character have meticulous care to help players feel most familiar and intuitive. Join this game now to enjoy high-quality graphics, all available details look like a cartoon series. We are sure that it will make any player feel satisfied.

How to install Cinderella 4

Step 1: You can download Cinderella 4 MOD or APK to your device at the “Download” link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”. The installation of the game will take place and usually takes about 1 minute, depending on the size of the game.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you can open the game to enjoy it right on your phone.

Download Cinderella 4 MOD APK for Android

If you love the visual novel game genre, you should definitely not ignore the appearance of Cinderella 4. This game has just been released on the mobile game market but has attracted a lot of attention from players. In the near future, new stories are also added continuously to help players get the most complete experience.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Choices/Outfit


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