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Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Update OnSeptember 20, 2022
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Time Raiders APK is an RPG game combined with an extremely attractive adventure element. Players will have the opportunity to accompany heroes with extraordinary strength in their adventure to explore the underground world. Will a huge hidden treasure from the past be found by this group of heroes?

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Introduce about Time Raiders

Time Raiders – RPG game that offers adventure hidden deep underground

Adventure-inspired RPG games always know how to keep players hooked. Time Raiders is one of them. Although it has only been released recently, it has received a lot of positive feedback from players. Here, players will become the commander of a group of heroes who are investigating the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Time Raiders

Many mysteries and ancient creatures have been integrated into this game by publisher Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Download Time Raiders to uncover the mysteries buried in the ground and feel the excitement this game has to offer right now. Are you ready to face countless enemies and fearsome bosses along the way?

Assemble a reliable team

The journey to uncover the mystery of the underground requires the efforts and mutual help of a team of outstanding heroes. Time Raiders understand this. So this game allows players to choose the most powerful heroes to start the journey immediately. Because it is an RPG game, each hero will have different moves and attack methods. You will directly lead these heroes in battles against hordes of monsters and zombies that await.

Relatively familiar gameplay

After gathering all their favorite heroes, players will begin to explore the main content of Time Raiders immediately. The mysteries hidden deep underground will be the main content that you need to care about when enjoying this game. Players will be allowed to role-play as any hero to unleash fighting with powerful enemies during the journey. During the adventure, you have the opportunity to collect available items to help your heroes become stronger.

Equip the best weapons

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The equipment system in Time Raiders is really diverse with many different mechanisms that players need to learn thoroughly. Most of the equipment is classified into different ranks based on star level. Therefore, the more stars the item will add to the character’s stats during the battle. Good equipment determines a lot about your win or loss rate in this game. Therefore, choosing the right equipment will help you gain an advantage during the battle.

Countless new places to explore

The dungeons in Time Raiders are extremely diverse with many new locations for players to explore freely. Each location will have the appearance of new monsters that will surely make you feel excited when confronting them. At the same time, the monsters in the game possess completely different strengths and appearances.

The monster’s strength will also have a constant increase that promises to make battles a lot more difficult. These include the appearance of one-eyed snakes, giant bugs, legions of undead, and more. Remember that the stronger the monster, the higher the chance of dropping rare items. This means that you need to focus as much as possible in the process of fighting them to receive valuable rewards.

Outstanding graphics and sound effects

download time raiders apk

Time Raiders’ graphics are meticulously invested with beautiful details appearing on the screen. You will quickly feel the appearance in every gesture of the characters as well as monsters when experiencing it. The combat effect and the dominant dark tone will make players feel more nervous when playing. Besides, the sound effects in this game are also carefully developed by the publisher. Thereby creating a unique journey that you will never forget when experiencing on your Android device.

How to install Time Raiders

Step 1: Download the APK version of Time Raiders released by Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock Unknown Sources to allow the installation of the game “Time Raiders”.

Step 3: Open the Time Raiders_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete. Click the icon to experience the game.

FAQs about Time Raiders

1: What is the configuration information to experience this game smoothly?

Despite possessing high-end graphics and continuous combat gameplay, you only need a device with a mid-range configuration to experience a stable game.

2: Are new content added regularly?

Of course yes, this game has just been released so new content will be continuously added to provide the best experience for players.

3: How to download Time Raiders?

Currently, you can download the game through the APK link below this article or Google Play.

Download Time Raiders APK for Android

Time Raiders is a perfect choice for players who love the RPG game genre. This game possesses extremely attractive role-playing gameplay along with beautiful visual effects that will surely make you feel impressed from the first time. The high-paced battles that will continuously take place promise to keep you hooked while playing. Get ready to uncover the mysteries hidden underground now.

Features MOD:

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