AFK Angel Knights MOD APK 2.21.75 [Mega Menu, 4+ Features] Download

Update OnMarch 24, 2023
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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    • God Mode

    • Always Critical

    • Semi Dumb Enemy

    • Damage Multiplier – Crit only

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AFK Angel Knights MOD APK is an idle-action role-playing game. Join the game, you need to assemble a group of 3 heroes and fight against monsters. Your mission is to save the world from the era of chaos and bounty hunting. Get ready for the most epic and endless battle journey.

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Introduce about AFK Angel Knights

AFK Angel Knights – Action RPG game with auto-style

According to today’s entertainment trend, idle games are the most popular. AFK Angel Knights is one of those games. This title gives you an enjoyable idle RPG experience. You will play as a commander of a group of heroes in the fantasy world here. At the beginning of the game, a black shadow appeared and caused the goddess Lea to lose her temper. Now, you need to gather heroes to save Lea and the human world.

This game will make gamers fall in love with the “auto” gameplay, a rich cast of characters, eye-catching effects, and cute chibi images. Don’t miss this experience because you can download it for free via the Download link right in this article.

Gather a group of heroes for the battle

According to the game plot, gamers need to gather heroes to save the world from darkness. But instead of recruiting a lot of heroes, they only need a maximum of 3 people. It was a warrior, an archer, and a witch. Each hero has his own skills and strengths. But they can combine to create countless powerful combat combos. And they will help you defeat monsters, thereby going deeper into the world of darkness.

After recruiting heroes, gamers need to control them. You can “click” on the skill icons on the screen to attack. However, the game has an Auto feature, which helps gamers free their hands while fighting. If using this feature, the heroes attack automatically. Your job is to upgrade and enjoy eye-catching combat. The longer the experience, the higher the level, and the greater the power.

Upgrade heroes

Although hands-free, gamers need to care about upgrading in AFK Angel Knights. This is important for the heroes to keep up with the pace of the battle. The higher the level, the stronger and more numerous the enemies. While you can’t add new heroes, upgrading becomes even more necessary. To upgrade heroes, gamers need to unlock important equipment. Each hero will be compatible with certain equipment.

For example, archers will need sharp bows and arrows, witches will need new staff and skills, and warriors will need swords and shields. In addition, they also need other equipment such as armor, shoes, gems, boosters, and more. Choose and upgrade this equipment to improve hero power. After each upgrade, the hero’s attributes are improved. They will have a better attack power, stamina, speed, damage, and critical rate.

Meet many monsters

AFK Angel Knights is a fighting journey that needs no rest. The battle continues from left to right on the phone screen. Thereby, gamers will meet and encounter countless monsters. There are more than 72 species of monsters with different characteristics, origins, and strengths. There are several dozen Boss monsters with unbelievable power. Heroes need to progress quickly if they want to defeat the Boss and continue their journey.

Adventure through many areas on the map

Over time, the game brings many new contexts. It can be mysterious forests, hot deserts, cold snowy lands, and more. In each region, the game has new enemies and new quests. It is this that creates endless newness for your experience. The longer the war, the fresher everything is. There are also a series of online events for you to hunt for attractive prizes. Don’t miss them to level up faster.

Fun chibi design, eye-catching effects

This game impresses with the 2D chibi design style. This style makes the battles both fun and close. The images of the heroes look downright hilarious. Each person leaves their own mark from appearance to skill effects. The skills all come with great light, color, and sound effects. This is the element that makes the auto wars in the game more attractive than ever.

How to install AFK Angel Knights

To install AFK Angel Knights, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Uninstall other versions of AFK Angel Knights if they are on your phone.

Step 2: Click “Download” and choose to download the MOD APK file (free).

Step 3: Wait for the download to complete, then select “Install” on the file.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, you just need to click on the game icon to open and enjoy it.

FAQs about AFK Angel Knights

1: Can I play AFK Angel Knights with my friends?

No, this game is designed for single mode only. If you want to compete with your friends, invite them to play the game on another device.

2: Does this game work offline?

It requires an internet connection to play. Please make sure the internet is stable so as not to miss the wars.

3: Who is AFK Angel Knights suitable for?

AFK Angel Knights is recommended for all gamers from 7 years old. That’s because it possesses simple gameplay, cute visuals, and great sounds. It is also an interesting choice for those who like the idle RPG style.

4: Is this game completely free?

It’s free to download and install on an Android or iOS device. But some in-game items require real money to be paid. If you want to enjoy shopping and upgrading, you should download our MOD version on this website.

Download AFK Angel Knights MOD APK for Android

Don’t miss AFK Angel Knights if you love the idle RPG experience. This game takes you on an endless adventure fighting journey with heroes. Your job is to gather heroes, upgrade them and create a strategy. What you get are battles with extremely satisfying effects. There are countless monsters waiting for you along the way and more trophies will be scored. Now is the time to master the war and become the hero of the world.


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