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Devil May Cry Mobile APK is a mobile version of the game of the same name Devil May Cry, coming to Google Play shortly. The appearance of this game is expected to become a global fever that dominates all game charts. Do you expect it no?

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Introduce about Devil May Cry Mobile

Devil May Cry is one of the most classic hack n ‘slash games of all time. Since its launch, it has quickly spread across the global gaming community, is loved by many gamers, and has been praised with wings. Therefore, the information about the mobile version of this game is definitely good news for the fans.

download devil may cry mobile apk

It is known that CAPCOM and Yunchang Games have cooperated to develop the game and will release the first Chinese version. Although this information has had since 2016, until now, Devil May Cry Mobile has not been officially released on Google Play. Therefore, players should be a little patient to expect a great experience with this game.


The background of the game is in the world of the Devil, where players will embark on an endless journey to fight demons and uncover the mysteries. The game is like a seamless story, leading players through each event through a mission system. In each mission, players will spend most of their time in action battles with monsters. But sometimes, they will also pause for a moment before the puzzles need to be solved.


The plot of the game is extremely attractive but is also relatively complex. Therefore, the game has integrated a narrative character whose task is to lead players well as follow their development. Initially, players will face off against small monsters to gradually accumulate experience. They will have to defeat all of them and collect the necessary items to prepare for the battle with the giant Boss. Don’t think it will be as easy, the difficulty of the game will increase with time your experience.


The main character Dante has a cool appearance and flexible actions. What’s more interesting, however, is the skills he possesses. He can use a variety of weapons, especially swords and guns. Not only is it simple, but Dante can also perform complex combos, continuously and deal powerful damage. Besides, after defeating a monster, he also receives support orbs. They help him regenerate HP or increase strength. In general, the character’s power is endless, as long as the player knows how to exploit it, it will create surprises.

Besides the main character, the Demons in Devil May Cry Mobile are also quite impressive. They are prioritized for their hideous appearance in addition to mysterious powers. Some Devils can run very quickly and flexibly in all battles. Others are slower but in return, they can do more damage to your character. In particular with Boss, this is the most powerful villain in the game. Usually has a giant appearance with ultimate power skills. Surely you will have to spend a lot of strength to defeat.


The game’s controls are divided into 2 parts, the left side is the navigation key and the right is the attack key. With the attack keys, the game will provide two different attack keys to indicate 2 styles of using the character’s sword. The key A are fast attacks with medium damage but allow for continuous use in battle. Meanwhile, the key B are slower attacks but deal strong damage and have lagged. That is, players need to wait a certain amount of time to use it next time.

In addition to swords, the character also has the ability to use guns. Guns are often used to deal damage from a distance and are supposed to support sword attacks. Besides, pay attention to using the combination of character skills and weapons. The best part is creating continuous and powerful combos, it prevents the opponent from counterattack and also conditions for you to end the game.

Graphics and sound

Graphics are one of the highlights of Devil May Cry Mobile. It owns a 3D platform that makes the details in the game appear clear and vivid. In addition, the scenes are performed very professionally, contributing to the eye-catching action scenes right on the phone screen.

In addition, we feel quite impressed with the design style of this game. It has both a modern style and a classic nuance, making the player’s experience both liberal, fresh, and epic. Besides the graphics, the sound in the game is also a factor that should be mentioned. The character’s dialogue and the musical melodies throughout the game are the ingredients that make up the irresistible charisma of this game.

How to install Devil May Cry Mobile

Step 1: Download the (Original APK) version of Devil May Cry Mobile from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On the Android phone -> open the “Settings” section -> select unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Tap install Devil May Cry Mobile_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until it’s done.

Download Devil May Cry Mobile APK for Android

There’s no reason for you to ignore the arrival of Devil May Cry Mobile. Because it will become a “blockbuster” on mobile platforms in the near future. The attractive storyline, seamless gameplay with impressive graphics, and engaging sound are the great things any gamer is looking for in a tactical role-playing game. So what are you waiting for? Download the game and enjoy it right away.

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