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Update OnAugust 19, 2022
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Cyber Fighters MOD APK is a Hack n Slash game with the new cutting style from the publisher ZITGA. Take time to join it and enjoy the fierce battles with super-fast action. And now, please find out the details of this review.

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Introduce about Cyber ​​Fighters

Cyber ​​Fighters is a role-playing and action game that was released long ago on Google Play by ZITGA. So far, has over 1 million installs and got 4.3 out of 5 ratings from the gaming community. This is an outstanding achievement for a new game, so I think has enough appeal to attract a large number of players. In addition to the engaging gameplay, this game also offers a quite unique game scene to bring players to the fiercest battles between warriors.

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In the Cyberpunk arena, you will have to face hundreds of opponents. And only when they pass all the levels, including the hardest one at the end, do the players become the winners and have completely conquered the game. Would you like to challenge them? If so, please explore this game a bit through the information below.


The game takes place in 2077 when World War 3 just ended and the world map has been reshaped again. In which, North American territories are divided into 5 different areas and they intersect in the city of Detroit. However, things are getting worse than ever, as the regions are unable to agree on common rules. The city began to experience riots and Detroit gradually became a prison where the darkest forces atrocities are kept. To save the situation, this city needs Cyber ​​warriors. That is you or a lot of other players around the world. At this point, you have only two options, one to be a hero or to be prey to Detroit prison.

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You will take turns participating in different levels from easy to difficult and fight with hundreds of different enemies through available characters. They possess unique attack and action skills that can be deployed through function buttons on the screen interface. The final task of the player in Cyber ​​Fighters is to win all levels and go to the final battle – the battle with the demon lord. This is the place to decide whether you will become the winner or the loser in this game. If all goes well, the wars will end, the troubles will disappear and the city will return to its peacefulness.


download cyber fighters

Cyber Fighters possess role-playing gameplay (RPG), slashing dark stickman style. This is really a new experience, bringing players to the classic fantasy battlefields. You will be surprised that the offline cyberpunk game, without the internet, can still be immersed in a fantasy world and epic shadow battles.


It’s not too difficult to master the controls in Cyber ​​Fighters. At the bottom right of the screen, players can see various function buttons such as an attack, high jump, fast move, and use special skills. Meanwhile, on the left side, players can touch the multidimensional keys to move the character left or right on the 2D screen. Although it is quite simple to control, if you want to become the strongest warrior, the player needs to know how to combine manipulation together at the right time and accuracy. Besides, the proficient use of equipment and weapons is also an important thing for each warrior.

Character system

download cyber fighters mod apk

Cyber ​​Fighters brings 5 ​​characters, including a default character and 4 other characters that need to be unlocked. Each character above has a unique set of skills that you can rely on to choose a character in the fight. For example, with Hachi – the warrior nicknamed the Queen Bee, he has the ability to release deadly stings from a distance. Meanwhile, Nala, she can wield a spear and possess the ability to run as fast as the wind. Therefore, people often call her a “shadow killer”. As for other characters, please explore them yourself to feel your own excitement.

Graphics and sound

The game is meticulously designed in many aspects, especially the graphics. Although it is only depicted on a 2D graphics platform, players can still feel the realism of each character’s action. That’s thanks to the sharp details, vivid combat effects, diverse game scene, and eye-catching color system. Besides, the sound is also an outstanding factor that makes the matches in the game come alive than ever. All of them contribute to bringing an engaging experience that any gamer would expect.

How to install Cyber ​​Fighters

Cyber ​​Fighters is available on Google Play for free. However, if you want to own the MOD features mentioned, download the game here in the following way:

Step 1: Click the link below this article and wait a few seconds to finish downloading the MOD file of Cyber ​​Fighters.

Step 2: Next, go to your device’s “settings”, look for the downloaded file information in the “apps” section, go to “advanced” and turn on the feature that allows drawing on unknown apps. Make sure to properly complete this step for the MOD features to work.

Step 3: Finally, just click on the game icon on the phone screen and start enjoying it.

Download Cyber Fighters MOD APK for Android

Can you become the most powerful warrior in Cyber ​​Fighters? This can only be demonstrated when you finish until the end of the game. This is definitely a long way to go with loads of unforgiving battles. Of course, every player cannot predict the outcome of each battle. But a good and brave warrior will never stop when meeting defeat. You will have many times to redo the same level, so do not hesitate to lose. Get ready, the most exciting battles are waiting for you.

MOD Features:

  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Resources


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