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Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Update OnNovember 22, 2022
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Canned Heroes APK exploits intense battles in the fantasy animated world. Here, players will have the opportunity to accompany unique heroes with diverse skill sets and unique stories. Your mission is to help them maximize their potential and become a good team to destroy all enemies.

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Introduce about Canned Heroes

Canned Heroes – Brand new idle RPG game with lots of exciting content

Your experience in the animated world will be raised to new heights when playing Canned Heroes. This is essentially an idle RPG game with built-in automatic battles. All that the player needs to do is create an army of unique heroes to fight every enemy on the way.

Canned Heroes

Is this a pointless war? Of course not, the publisher Buff Studio has integrated a story that is compelling enough for players to feel more excited when playing the game. At the same time, power-up systems and merge mechanics are also added to make the content of this game more diverse. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or at the APK link below this article.

The story of Boss Beggar and his friends

Canned Heroes is inspired by the story of Boss Beggar and his friends. More specifically, a powerful wizard mistakenly cursed them while visiting Fun Land. The curse took effect immediately and turned them all into monsters with different powers and appearances. Things didn’t stop there when the ancient monsters were also awakened by this mistaken curse. At this point, you will be transformed into Tin Can with the aim of breaking the curse of the wizard and saving Boss Beggar and his friends.

Idle but extremely engaging battles

Join Canned Heroes, players will enjoy idle battles during the experience. More specifically, the main characters will automatically attack the enemy until either faction is defeated. Your task is very simple, it is to touch the icons of the characters on the screen to help them launch powerful combos toward the enemy.

download canned heroes idle rpg mod

If you want to feel the battle idler, you can activate the Auto feature through the available icon. After each battle of defeating monsters, players will receive a lot of valuable rewards and can use them to solve different problems. In general, the gameplay of this game is quite simple, even a new player can get used to it easily.

Play different stages

Canned Heroes gives players a lot of different stages to explore. Your goal is to complete all the battles in each stage to explore the entire Fun Land. Remember that each stage will have increasing difficulty, so the appearance of powerful Bosses at the end of each stage will definitely make you difficult.

This is the time for you to use the most powerful squad and change your strategy constantly to gain an advantage in each battle. After each stage, you can also unlock fascinating stories to better understand this game. Lots of stages with different battles are waiting for you to explore, including Carousel, Bumper Cars, Doll, Flying Airship, Labyinth of Mirrors, Gyro Drop, Flume Ride, and more.

Unlock new heroes

Collecting adorable friends will make your journey in Canned Heroes a little simpler. Each character has a different power and you need to maximize their potential in each battle. At the same time, the characters in the game are also classified by rank from C to S. The higher the rank, the greater their power. Of course, you also have to refer to the information of each character to make the most appropriate squad selection in each battle.

Image reminiscent of Cuphead

download canned heroes idle rpg apk

Perhaps many of us are too familiar with the image of Cuphead, the main character in the famous cartoon of the same name. Accordingly, when experiencing Canned Heroes, you will feel like you are immersed in that famous cartoon. Most of the characters in the game are very familiar. At the same time, the surrounding environment and combat effects also show their own characteristics. Besides, the built-in vivid colors will definitely bring you an extremely vivid experience.

How to install Canned Heroes

Step 1: Click the link in this article to download the APK version of Canned Heroes at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: You need to select “Install” to install the downloaded file. The installation process will take about 1 minute and the game icon will appear on the screen as soon as the installation is complete.

Step 3: Click the game icon to open and enjoy it on the phone.

Download Canned Heroes APK for Android

Canned Heroes has all the attractive elements of an idle RPG game to have. You will have the opportunity to accompany unique cartoon heroes in uncompromising battles. Accordingly, this game can work offline without having to connect to the internet. You can easily join the battle in any free time without being tied to a network connection.

Features MOD:

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