Real Driving 2 MOD APK 1.05 [Unlimited Money] Download

Yunbu Racing
Update OnMay 30, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Racing Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Get ready for the most realistic real car driving experience ever in Real Driving 2. Don’t think it’s simple to play because you will encounter many challenges on the track, which are cars that cross the lanes, run in reverse, rough weather, and more. Do you dare to try?

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Introduce about Real Driving 2

Real Driving 2 – Super realistic driving simulation game

Real Driving 2

Real Driving 2 is the next version of the Real Driving game from the publisher Yunbu Racing. After the success of the previous version in 2020, this new game promises to be even more explosive with many improvements in graphics, mechanics, and sound. Therefore, it received many positive compliments from fans as soon as it was launched on the Android platform. If you want to explore it, you can download it at Google Play or at MODDED-1.

Familiar simulation gameplay

Real Driving 2 retains the same racing simulation gameplay as its predecessor. But everything is a lot new, from the racing mechanics, the car collection to the setting, and more. Joining the game, players will have the opportunity to test the surreal driving mechanics simulated like real life. They can do it at the first angle to see the driving movements in the cockpit. Or they can use the third angle to see the whole running track. Each shooting angle brings a really different and attractive feeling.

The bustling streets are where you test your driving skills in Real Driving 2. But you can’t seem to predict the challenges they bring. The player’s task is not only to drive to see the scenery, but they also have to face many dangers. It can be a situation that makes you angry, like a car going in the opposite direction, cars going super fast. They can be confusing to handle and sometimes, collisions are inevitable.

Intuitive control mechanism

Real Driving 2 will delight you with its superior UE4 engine and a complete and realistic set of driving interfaces. On the left side of the screen, it integrates two control buttons left and right to adjust the direction of the car’s movement. Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen, it has two important function buttons including acceleration and braking. In addition, when the player is in the car in the first person, they can see the entire cockpit, from the steering wheel, controls, rearview mirror, glass doors, and more. It couldn’t be more real.

download real driving 2 apk

Each player’s actions will be vividly reflected on the console. For example, when you move left or right, you can feel your car move along. Or when the car collides with another car, the player can see the real chaos. Although it is just a simulation game, it can make gamers feel focused on driving or even feel the heart out of emergency traffic situations. So, that’s the charm of Real Driving 2.

Modern car system

This game will be every racer’s wish, as it offers the best collection of racing cars. Players can find popular car models from classic to modern to choose from. Moreover, new models are always updated regularly to unlock and try. These are not just regular models, but possibly the most luxurious sports cars in the world. They will make you overwhelmed with realistic and detailed 3D images.

Besides, Real Driving 2 also offers unique customization capabilities for gamers to personalize their cars. Accordingly, they can change the paint color, add accessories or replace parts. Do not hesitate to show your creativity to mix and match the available items for your “pet” and enjoy them on the track.

Vivid 3D graphics, realistic weather effects

Besides the bustling tracks, Real Driving 2 can make your experience more realistic with unique weather effects. Therefore, players can customize day, night, sunny weather, wind, rain, snow, as they like to try a different feeling.

download real driving 2 mod

In terms of graphics, this game really did a good job of bringing a vivid 3D platform with sharp images and effects. The car models, the background, the interface, are very realistic, the colors are harmonious, the collision effects are super vivid. Besides, we also have to talk about the melodious background music and great engine sounds. They are integral to creating the perfect driving experience.

How to install Real Driving 2

Do the above descriptions get you excited about Real Driving 2? If yes, don’t hesitate to download it to enjoy now. You can do that with a few basic steps:

  • Download the version Real Driving 2 (APK or MOD) at Modded-1.com.
  • For the MOD to work on your Android device, you need to enable the unknown setting in the settings.
  • Open the Real Driving 2_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file and install it. This only takes about 1 minute.
  • The game icon will show up on your phone’s home screen when it completes the installation process. Once there, just tap to open and enjoy it right away.

Download Real Driving 2 MOD APK for Android

Show your driving skills in Real Driving 2 to score record points and collect as many coins as you can. Just sit in the cockpit, keep your hands on the wheel, and accelerate or brake depending on the situation. But it’s not really that simple when you’re driving on busy and disorderly streets. Can you complete the goal in each level to become the best driver? Try it now to know.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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