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BoomBit Games
Update OnOctober 4, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Draw Ramp Jumping APK is a crazy racing game where you have to overcome yourself. Tap to draw strategic curves and help your car run further until it reaches the finish line. The rewards will be more or less depending on the races you create yourself.

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Introduce about Draw Ramp Jumping

Draw Ramp Jumping – Race on a track drawn by yourself

If the usual racing games bore you, try Draw Ramp Jumping for fresh inspiration. It is a game from the publisher BoomBit Games and is currently attracting the attention of a large number of mobile gamers. It differs from many other racing games in gameplay and control mechanics. There are no smooth highway tracks for you to satisfy your passion for speed. Here, you are the one to create your own track to take your car as far as possible. Therefore, gamers can unleash their creativity with many different types of racing tracks, straight or curved as you like.

Draw Ramp Jumping

This game also has pretty good 3D graphics with beautiful visual design and very realistic movements. So you’ll find an experience that’s both good and beautiful to play without complaints. All in all, everyone should try it once because it’s good and free. Download the game now at Modded-1 or Google Play to try out many challenging racing levels now.

Hundreds of creative levels to try

The gameplay of Draw Ramp Jumping is really interesting. It has hundreds of levels with a unique racing style. Your task is to help the car run as far as possible to reach the destination from the starting point. How? It is with your basic drawing lines. Gamers just need to touch the drawing board and draw lines to create a race track. Their car will run on it and be able to gain speed fast enough to rush forward and reach the finish line. Or maybe it will stop somewhere along the way and you will start over to complete the mission.

So, no competition with other riders? Yes, your only opponent is yourself. Each gamer needs to surpass his own achievements in each race. They need to gain experience from previous times to draw better and help the car go further. There are no rules to follow, so players can draw as they please according to their imagination. But if the drawing is not good, their car will plunge into a cliff or river and it is a catastrophic accident.

Rich vehicle system

Each level in Draw Ramp Jumping will give you different vehicle models. It can be motorcycles, cars, trains, and even planes. Each vehicle will have different characteristics in terms of speed and endurance. Therefore, players need to have different lines to create a suitable track for each type of vehicle available.

After each race, the player will witness the damage of the vehicle, which is inevitable. But no need to fix anything, simply start over and it’s still a new vehicle. But players can upgrade it to become better. There are three abilities to upgrade, including boost, engine, and bonus. Each stat will have a different effect, for example, bonuses will help you increase your bonus, boost will help increase speed. Thanks to that, after each stage, gamers will progress more to achieve better milestones on the track.

Unlock more maps

Not only vehicles but Draw Ramp Jumping also brings new terrains to each level. It can be an airport, a bamboo bridge, a river, a wormhole, and more. Each terrain will suit different vehicles and of course, the context will be different. It is not only rugged terrain but also romantic beauty. High mountains, snowy hills, green forests, and more are all depicted very vividly. Moreover, the scene changes continuously with each race, contributing to the new inspiration.

3D graphics with vivid images and sounds

The game is designed on a 3D graphics platform. It possesses beautiful and realistic images, from cars, maps, tracks, and more. Vehicles are depicted as real, so they feel alive. As for the background, it is very beautiful and realistic with many unique weather effects. In addition, the sound in the game is also quite good with vibrant background music accompanied by engine sounds. Each vehicle will have a different engine sound, making each racing screen more realistic than ever. Meanwhile, the game interface is very simple. No cumbersome controls, just click to paint, upgrade and race.

How to install Draw Ramp Jumping

Step 1: Download the version Draw Ramp Jumping (Original APK) from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Tap Install.

Step 3: The installation process will take place relatively quickly, then the game’s icon will appear on the main screen.

Step 4: You just need to tap the Draw Ramp Jumping icon to experience it quickly.

Download Draw Ramp Jumping APK for Android

If you love the rebellious racing style, Draw Ramp Jumping will be a great choice. There are no highway races, all tracks are made by you. You can draw wooden roads, railways, bridges, and more without any rules. After each race, you will witness the craziest car destruction. But no need to maintain the car, your job is to upgrade, draw the track, and tap once to record the achievement.

Features MOD:

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