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Update OnJanuary 14, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Monster Tales MOD APK is a match-3 game combined with an exciting strategy RPG element that gives players the ultimate monster battles. In the game, you will have to collect monster cards, defeat enemies, optimize your monster squad, and more. Before playing the game, please refer to this article for a better overview of the game.

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Introduce about Monster Tales

Monster Tales – RPG game that allows players to train monsters

Coming to Monster Tales, players will be traveling to a magical world with the appearance of monsters of many different shapes. In the game, players will have to train or collect monsters, then participate in match-3 levels to compete with enemies. Basically, this game from the publisher Tangelo Games Spain does not require players to perform too many complicated operations.

Monster Tales

As a result, it is suitable for a wide range of players regardless of age or skill. Currently, you can download the game through Google Play or the App Store to discover the exciting things it has to offer right away. More specifically, the Monster Tales MOD APK version below this article will help you easily do everything in the game without having to spend too much time experiencing it.

The vast world of beasts

As mentioned, Monster Tales gives players a large open world, which is inhabited by beasts that seem only in myths. First, the player will start by farming the eggs. Over time, the egg will hatch into an arbitrary animal and it is also a companion during your journey. Moreover, players can own many eggs at the same time to nurture and create monster warriors in the future. After that, you will begin the training phase for them to be ready for dangerous battles with other opponents.

As of now, this game offers more than 120 beast warriors with 5 elements allowing players to freely choose. Includes fire, earth, light, water, and darkness. Each element represents the power of a certain beast warrior, along with its own skills. The development of the monsters in the game depends a lot on the player’s care. Therefore, you need to prepare a suitable training course to turn them into real warriors on the battlefield.

Play according to the main storyline

In the story mode, players will begin by traversing mysterious lands through many different levels. Each level in Monster Tales is divided into many different small chapters in a puzzle style for players to get acquainted with gradually. The gameplay is quite simple. You simply create three or more identical symbols on the screen to help the main character attack the enemy. In addition, players can also improve skills from the main characters in the middle of each battle.

Each level in Monster Tales will have a ranking mechanism based on the number of stars the player has achieved, up to a maximum of 3 stars. Sometimes the player will fight with the Boss at the end of each level, they always have the built-in fighting ability as well as a strong defense.

This requires players to prepare really diverse tactics if they want to defeat the Bosses. Of course, the reward after defeating the Boss is much more valuable than usual. Overall, the story mode in the game has more than 150 matches, 3 levels for players to explore freely.

Dramatic PvP Arena

If you are bored with the usual story mode, players can try PvP mode to fight other opponents in the world. In this mode, all the best players in Monster Tales are ready to fight each other to assert their strength. Before participating, you should prepare appropriate tactics, along with upgrading monsters continuously to help them become stronger. More than just an ordinary battle, you need to do your best to put your name on the overall leaderboard of the game. That is the goal that every player is aiming for when experiencing.

Simple, colorful graphics

Graphics quality is also one of the highlights that make Monster Tales more attractive than similar products. All the monsters in the game are built in a simple cartoon style but still give players a unique feeling right from the first experience. In addition, the icons representing classic match-3 items also have a neat design. From there, these elements give players a sense of synchronicity and comfort when enjoying.

How to install Monster Tales

Step 1: Download the original APK or MOD version of Monster Tales from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings to allow mobile access apps.

Step 3: Click the install button on the screen.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the “Monster Tales” icon will appear. Click the icon to play the game immediately.

Download Monster Tales MOD APK for Android

Monster Tales is a monster training game with match-3 elements that are worth enjoying in the present time. This game converges many typical elements of the traditional RPG series, from exploration to the diverse combat process that promises to make players feel satisfied. Besides, the graphics and sound quality of this game are also quite good and superior to many products of the same genre.

Features MOD:

  • High DMG


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