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Update OnMarch 4, 2023
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X2 JELLYMERGE APK is a merge game combined with the famous 2048 element that promises to bring players different experiences. This game converges a lot of attractive entertainment content, accompanied by an outstanding design to give you an impressive gaming space. In this article, we will help you better understand this game.

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Introduce about X2 JELLYMERGE

X2 JELLYMERGE – Casual merge game with 2048 elements

Don’t miss X2 JELLYMERGE, a newly released game from the publisher tnkplay. Joining the game, you will have the opportunity to explore multiple gameplay at the same time through a variety of interesting mechanics available. Everything is presented very simply and easily on the screen to help any player can get used to it.

Here, your task is quite easy to understand, which is to shoot jellies with all colors on top and merge blocks of the same number. It sounds simple, but you’ll need math and problem-solving skills if you want to win. This game is currently available on Google Play. You should try downloading it for the most impressive gaming experience.

The gameplay is similar to bubble shooting

Perhaps bubble shooting games are no longer strange to each of us. And in X2 JELLYMERGE, players will also have to show off their precision bubble shooting skills to win. More specifically, you will start by shooting colorful square jelly blocks from bottom to top to merge blocks of the same number. Each time the merge is successful, you will see the change of blocks of numbers at the top of the screen.

Remember that this jelly wall will gradually fill the screen like the familiar bubble shooting games. At this point, you will have to meet two requirements at the same time. That’s just finding a way to prevent the stone wall from falling down and matching the numbers in the correct sequence to get the highest score. Besides, if you merge more than three blocks at the same time, you will get a higher number block.

Pay attention to the wall about to fall

Before thinking about getting the highest score in each level, you need to pay attention directly to the giant stone wall on the screen. More specifically, this stone wall will continuously drift down over time. As more time passed, the speed of the stone wall gradually increased.

This means that you need to make faster and more accurate decisions if you don’t want to lose. In fact, there are quite a few ways to prevent the wall from drifting down, such as shooting blocks, merging, or leveling up. Whichever way you choose, you have to be faster and more urgent than that because there isn’t too much time to think.

Use multiple help options

No matter how good you are at the game, believe me, there are many situations that require you to rely on the system’s help to get out of the game. X2 JELLYMERGE offers players a lot of different options to overcome difficult situations. Typically, you can use the money you earn to use the types of help available on the screen.

Each help will be represented through different types of icons so that players can better understand the effect they bring. Of course, you need to learn carefully about their uses to apply them effectively. Moreover, this game also has many different levels with increasing difficulty. This will help you not feel bored when playing the game for a long time as well as have more challenges to conquer.

Get the highest score in each stage

The player’s only goal is to get the highest score at each level. Only the way to get the highest score can you continue to the next level and conquer more difficult levels. Your previous scores and rankings are the milestones that you need to pass in order to get a higher score. Not only that, but X2 JELLYMERGE also brings more competition to players by allowing them to compete against other players in real time.

Simple, colorful graphics

X2 JELLYMERGE possesses relatively simple quality graphics along with a user-friendly interface. Accordingly, you only need to pay attention to the colorful jelly icons that appear on the screen. Making reasonable jelly shots to the top to win is your most important goal. Moreover, each type of jelly will have different colors and units and will change after each successful merge. Thanks to that, players will be easier in the process of observing and making their shooting decisions.

How to install X2 JELLYMERGE

Step 1: Download the APK version of X2 JELLYMERGE from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources to install the MOD APK file on your phone.

Step 3: Click Install on the downloaded file.

Step 4: Complete the installation and the “X2 JELLYMERGE” icon will appear. Log in to the game and enjoy it.

Download X2 JELLYMERGE APK for Android

Enjoy the simple but extremely addictive gameplay of X2 JELLYMERGE right now. You will not have too much difficulty in the approach in this game but things will become more difficult over time. Do not miss the different experiences that this game brings compared to products of the same genre.


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