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The vast space in Galaxy Genome APK is waiting for you to explore with many available mysteries. By joining this game, you will be provided with some knowledge related to asteroids through the fascinating outer space wars. First, you should refer to this article to better understand this game.

Note: You can also find some space-themed games like Space RPG 4 or Idle Space Business Tycoon.

Introduce about Galaxy Genome

Galaxy Genome – Real space exploration with a standard scale

The vast universe is one of the mysterious topics that humans have not been able to fully explore at the present time. All content related to the universe is only relative, so there are many sources of knowledge that people can add in the future. By joining Galaxy Genome, you will have the opportunity to learn about different asteroids in the universe through the protagonist’s endless adventures.

Galaxy Genome

SKVGames offers a wide variety of planetary backgrounds including stars, diverse planets, flaming suns, and more. Of course, you need to complete certain requirements to be able to continue to explore the main character’s journey. Besides, Galaxy Genome is a paid game, you have to pay about $ 2.99 to be able to download it through Google Play. If you want to save this cost, you can download the MOD version available below the article.

Adventure in the vast universe

Adventures in outer space always bring indescribable emotions to any player. If you want to become a talented astronaut and make endless adventures in space, Galaxy Genome will be a suitable choice. Basically, this game allows players to freely control an airship and explore everything around.

All content in the universe is transmitted in this game, you just need to control your spaceship to go anywhere. Of course, some challenges will appear to make things more interesting for players. Remember that this is an online multiplayer game so it’s not too difficult to understand when you are attacked by other spaceships. Be alert during the experience because anyone can become an enemy with the goal of stealing your resources.

Overcoming challenges to keep exploring

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Galaxy Genome allows players to freely choose the most suitable spaceship to start their own adventure. First, you should clearly define the basic directions to shorten the travel time in each adventure. Basically, this game offers a series of different adventure locations for players to choose from. At the same time, other spaceships are also ready to challenge you in uncompromising battles. As a good pilot, you need to overcome all difficulties by defeating them all to continue your own adventure.

Upgrade your spaceship

Upgrading the spaceship is one of the indispensable elements in the adventure. The upgrade method in Galaxy Genome is divided into many different categories so that players can create the most suitable upgrade strategies. To turn an ordinary spaceship into a powerful flying ship, you will go through many different stages.

You need to pay attention to upgrade types like System Map, Autopilot, Objects, Cargo, Modules, Warp Jump, and more. Each type of upgrade will affect the main activities on the spaceship so you need to come up with the most appropriate upgrade strategies. Of course, you can also upgrade the stats evenly for stable performance. But believe me, prioritizing upgrading the necessary stats will help you complete the assigned tasks faster.

Graphics and sound

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Galaxy Genome is equipped with a beautiful 3D graphic format with details described as outer space, promising to bring you a lot of great knowledge. Images of spaceships and surrounding asteroids will make you feel excited right from the first experience. Moreover, the transition effect in the game is also very smooth and many colors are optimally displayed on the experience screen. In addition, the featured sound system also contributes to making this game much more interesting.

How to install Galaxy Genome

Step 1: Click the “Download” link at the end of the article and wait for a moment to download Galaxy Genome (APK or MOD).

Step 2: Open the Galaxy Genome_modded-1.com.apk file and tap install.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete, open the game and you will see the words “Galaxy Genome by Modded-1.com”. Then you can play the game right away.

If you encounter any difficulty related to downloading and installing the game, please contact us for the earliest answer.

Download Galaxy Genome APK for Android

Galaxy Genome is a fascinating space adventure game with many unique contents waiting for players to discover. Your enemies are powerful spaceships piloted by other players around the world. Therefore, you need to be vigilant throughout the game to be able to beat them all and continue your journey. If you are a person with a passion for mysteries in space, this game will be a great choice to explore.

Features MOD:

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