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Update OnJanuary 21, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Hunt Royale MOD APK is an online multiplayer game where you will be involved in dangerous yet exciting monster hunts. You will not be alone in this journey, but also with the help of other players. Are you ready to confront ferocious monsters?

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Introduce about Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale – Hunt monsters right on your mobile device

Publisher BoomBit Games always knows how to create innovative games with many different themes to help players have more reasonable choices. Hunt Royale is one of them. This is a survival game that allows many players to experience it at the same time.

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In the game, players will discover the daily work of a real hunter. Perhaps hunters don’t exist anymore nowadays, but this was a popular profession decades ago. Travel to the past and strive to become one of the best hunters in Hunt Royale now. With over 1 million installs on Google Play, we believe this game will not let you down with what it has to offer.

About the hunters

Hunters have always been known to be good hunters, their job is to find prey to destroy and collect loot from them. This job is relatively dangerous because the prey will not always run away before the attacks. Sometimes they even fought fiercely and threatened the lives of traditional hunters. Want to explore the work of a hunter? But you are not really confident enough to do it in practice? Let Hunt Royale make your wishes come true right on your mobile device.

Become a monster hunter

As mentioned above, players will become monster hunters in Hunt Royale and explore the dangerous built-in quests. After choosing a character, the player will be transported to the mysterious land immediately. Here, you will face powerful attacks from monstrous creatures all over the map. Thereby, players need to take advantage of the ability and strength of the character to destroy them and collect the loot after each level.

Familiar co-op gameplay

Basically, the multiplayer gameplay in Hunt Royale will not change too much compared to other games of the same genre. The main task of the player will still be to control the character to move around and destroy all enemies.

Then compete with other players to be the one with the highest score on the leaderboard. This means that you will receive more coins than them. Finally, players can unlock new characters to increase their winning rate while playing the game.

Many interesting game modes

Currently, Hunt Royale is available with 4 main game modes, including Classic mode, Bounty Hunter, Boss Hunt, and Co-op. Each game mode will give players a different way of operating. But in general, the PvE nature will still be complete in these modes. This means that players will have to coordinate or play games with other players around the world.

The mission of each player will also be completely changed in each game mode. For example, the classic mode requires the player to hunt monsters for a certain amount of time. And Co-op will connect the player with the goal of protecting the king from attacks from monsters, etc. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about each game mode to be able to win.

Possess the strongest hunters

You may not know, the main characters in this game can also be upgraded with the coins that the player earns. The upgrade process will cost quite a lot of coins. But it will give your character higher stats than the current time. Including stats such as damage, HP, defense, attack range, etc.

Not only stopping at upgrading Vietnamese characters, but Hunt Royale also allows players to unlock new characters. With more than 30 different characters, you can freely choose the ones that best suit your criteria and preferences. First, consult their parameters before deciding to unlock a certain character.

3D block form graphic style

Basically, the graphics quality of this game is built on the basis of 3D, so the details are shown relatively vividly. Hunt Royale’s blocky design style also really impressed us. Thereby, players will feel like they are enjoying a modern game, mixed with classic elements throughout the experience. What do you feel about the graphics of this game? Let us know by commenting below this article.

How to install Hunt Royale

Step 1: Download the Hunt Royale (MOD God Mode) version exclusively developed by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “Hunt Royale” to access your phone.

Step 3: Open the file Hunt Royale_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Hunt Royale MOD APK for Android

Hunt Royale is a new game but has relatively classic and familiar gameplay. Accordingly, players will still enjoy battles with vivid monsters, cooperate with other players to win. Don’t forget to customize your character, upgrade or own new characters to increase your odds of winning in the next challenges. In addition, our MOD version will make your game experience much more enjoyable.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode


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