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Update OnJanuary 29, 2023
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Show off your shooting skills in Dead Target MOD APK to fight off ferocious zombie hordes. This is one of the top offline first-person shooter games on mobile platforms. Before starting the experience, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Dead Target

Dead Target – The leading offline zombie shooting game

Dead Target

It is not difficult to find the appearance of zombies in shooting games in the present time. Dead Target is a prime example. This game allows you to participate in never-ending shooting challenges with the goal of killing as many zombies as possible. Basically, this is a successful product from the publisher VNG GAME STUDIOS. The proof is that it has achieved more than 100 million installs along with 4.6 ratings on Google Play to date. That’s right, this game attracts players by many different factors, from the addictive shooting gameplay to the high-quality 3D graphics.

Captivating plot

Dead Target is inspired by a fantasy setting, specifically in the year 2040 when the third world war occurs. This is the time when the great powers set up a war plan by converting prisoners into killing machines. In fact, they do it using a powerful virus that can instantly transform humans into zombies.

Not only prisoners but people all over the world can also be affected by the outbreak of a zombie pandemic. Everything seems to be gradually getting out of control in the countries. As a good agent, you need to stand up to fight against this plan. Be careful with the zombies appearing around, they are ready to destroy you at any time if not alert.

Gameplay has changed

Dead Target’s gameplay will still revolve around shooting between the player and the zombies that appear on the screen. However, you will not be able to control your character’s movements, which will definitely increase the level of fear when experiencing. Moreover, the sudden appearance of zombies will threaten you in many different situations.

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In any situation, your task is still to destroy the zombies that appear on the screen. Remember that the fastest way to kill zombies is to attack them in the head, but sometimes they move so fast that you find it extremely difficult. Become a zombie killer in this game to protect the peace of all humanity right now.

A diverse arsenal of weapons

Dead Target gives players a diverse arsenal of weapons, all of which are built differently to make it easier for you to choose. In fact, the usage of each weapon will also have a pronounced change that will certainly be useful in many situations. The game includes a variety of weapons like rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns, sniper rifles, and more. Besides, you can also use the money you earn to upgrade weapons to become more powerful.

Each gun in this game has its own attribute stats such as rate of fire, damage, range, clip size and more. Upgrading will help improve these stats, thereby enhancing your weapon strength and advantage on the battlefield. Besides, the game has unique skins for you to customize the gun. Don’t miss out on unlocking skins and making weapons more impressive.

At the same time, you can unlock many new weapons to diversify your action strategy. Not only guns, the game also has grenades, knives and many other weapons. They can be used for melee or ranged attack plans. The diversity in the enemy system requires the flexibility of the survivor. So what is your favorite action strategy? Stand by your allies in all plans.

Many maps to explore

By joining the game, players will have the opportunity to explore many different maps through each battle. Here, you will face zombies of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, making good use of the terrain will make it easier for you to deal with the zombies. Each type of map will have a different implementation, we believe it will take you a certain amount of time to get used to it.

Online and offline mode

Basically, this game allows players to join offline mode to enjoy the full content without having to connect to the internet. Of course, you will have to fight the built-in machine system and complete the entire content of the game. Besides, the online mode is the convergence of all players around the world. You can join other players to help each other in challenges against zombies or challenge each other in endless battles.

Sharp 3D graphics

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Dead Target’s graphics are also one of the notable highlights that make this game more outstanding. Specifically, this game is equipped with a sharp 3D graphics format, combined with attractive effects that will surely bring you an unforgettable experience. Moreover, this game also works stably on many different devices, so you can feel secure when experiencing it. The sound system in the game is also quite good, besides the lively background music are the typical battle sounds.

How to install Dead Target

Make sure that other versions of Dead Target installed via the App Store or Google Play are removed from your device before continuing with the installation.

Step 1: Download Dead Target (APK & MOD) available below.

Step 2: Allow your device to install unknown apps.

Step 3: Click Install.

Step 4: When the installation is complete, you just need to click on the game icon that appears on the main screen.

Download Dead Target MOD APK for Android

Dead Target is rated as one of the best zombie shooting games that you should enjoy at the moment. In fact, it will take you a lot of time to complete the levels available in this game. If you want to shorten the period, please download the MOD version provided by us below this article to enjoy the unlimited money feature.

Features MOD:

MOD (V1)

  • Unlimited Money

MOD (V2)

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Money
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Unlimited Med Kits


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