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Update OnJune 27, 2022
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Deals Tracker for eBay PRO MOD APK is an online shopping support tool on the eBay e-commerce platform with many effective features. This app will assist users to track their online shopping, keep track of the latest status of items to buy them at the best price, and more. First, you should refer to this article for a better understanding.

Note: You can also track some other useful apps on our website like Money Manager: Expense tracker or Money Manager.

Introduce about Deals Tracker for eBay PRO

Deals Tracker for eBay PRO – A shopping support tool with many features

Deals Tracker for eBay PRO gives users the privilege of buying cheap goods without having to spend too much time tracking. All changes in product prices or sales will be notified on your device as soon as possible. As a result, purchasing will no longer be a difficult barrier for many users.

Deals Tracker for eBay PRO

Besides, the publisher MobileSoft4You also constantly updates new features in newer versions to bring the best experience. Currently, this application is being sold for $ 3.99 per download through Google Play. You can also save this fee by downloading to our website.

Effective eBay transaction tracker

With the help of Deals Tracker for eBay PRO, you can track any item you want on eBay. The application will work automatically without users needing to constantly log in to know the exact prices of the items. Instead, the system automatically updates the status of items and prices, then sends a notification to your device. This will help you always enjoy the best deals related to the items you are interested in. It’s great that you can still own items at cheap prices without spending too much time.

Search all items

Deals Tracker for eBay PRO’s database is sourced directly from eBay so you can be sure of the variety it has to offer. In fact, you just need to enter the name of the product you want to buy into the search box. The system will automatically give the most optimal search results based on the data you have just entered. At the same time, the application also allows users to search and store items at the same time. As a result, you will save a lot of time during the shopping process.

Synchronize data on all devices

Now, all your purchase data through Deals Tracker for eBay PRO has powerful synchronization capabilities. The data will be automatically backed up by the system to other devices using a specific login account. For example, you can specify a product you want to buy on your desktop computer. And this information is instantly transmitted to your Android mobile device. As a result, you can track your products on a variety of devices.

Disable ads

We believe that the buying process on your e-commerce platforms will not be smooth when ads appear. Deals Tracker for eBay PRO understands that. This application integrates a feature to disable all ads. It will help users to be able to focus more on the shopping process and search smoothly without being bothered by ads. Enjoy the most comfortable shopping space with the help of this app now.

Product tracking in the background

If you don’t want to log into the app often, but still be able to keep track of your favorite items. Don’t worry, the background product tracking feature in Deals Tracker for eBay PRO will meet your needs. With the help of this application, you can place the products you are interested in right on the home screen through the widget box. From there, just open the screen and you can understand all the information about your favorite products.

Intuitive interface

Not only stopping at the above features, Deals Tracker for eBay PRO also owns an intuitive interface that allows users to easily use it the first time. Basically, you just need to interact with the icons by tapping on them to go through the shopping process instantly. Each icon corresponds to a specific feature, so learn their function for optimal use. In addition, the color synchronization in this application will also bring you friendliness from the first time you use it.

How to install Deals Tracker for eBay PRO

Step 1. Download the APK or MOD version of the Deals Tracker for eBay PRO app at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click on the app and select Install.

Step 3: Once installed, you can see the app icon appear on the home screen. Then just click on it to launch and enjoy useful features.

Note: If the installation fails, please check if there is another version of the app on the device. If so, remove it and start the installation from scratch.

Download Deals Tracker for eBay PRO MOD APK for Android

Deals Tracker for eBay PRO will make your online shopping simpler and more efficient than ever thanks to the available tools. This PRO version provides users with many exclusive features compared to the free version. Of course, you can also download the MOD version at our website to enjoy all the powerful features completely for free.

Features MOD:

  • Paid/Extra, AD-Free


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