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Mindefy Labs
Update OnOctober 7, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Category Productivity
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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YourHour MOD APK is an effective solution for those who have been tending to be addicted to smartphones. This will keep you on your smartphone and not be able to focus on doing anything. Therefore, try using this application and feel the efficiency that it brings.

Note: You can refer to some related applications such as WPS Office or TickTick.

Introduce about YourHour

YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller

download yourhour mod apk

YourHour is a productivity app for everyone, officially released by Mindefy Labs on Google Play and App Store. Launched in the market in 2019, but quickly gained the trust of many users in the treatment of smartphone addiction. The important thing is that it provides users with the right method and an intuitive management process. Help you to be aware of your smartphone usage behavior from time to time.

An intuitive app

Before talking about the main features of YourHour, we will mention the control panel in advance because it contributes significantly to the development of this application. The control panel is integrated quite smartly, here you will be able to observe all your necessary information without having to perform too many operations.

Specifically, the application will directly monitor the usage time and the number of times the device is unlocked and allowed to display right at the control panel. Users will get an overview of their activities in the last seven days. Besides, YourHour will also identify data by categories. Thereby, can rely on this to more accurately track smartphone usage.

Useful application in life

YourHour owns relatively simple controls. In other words, you do not need to perform too many operations when using. When first used, users only need to wait a short period of time for the application to automatically scan user data in the recent period. Then, the screen will display the most used applications of the day as well as details of usage time. You only need to observe and come up with a method to adjust the time of using your smartphone so that it is most reasonable.

Reduce use time

YourHour offers users the floating Stopwatch feature right on the phone screen. It will appear as a bubble similar to Messenger and display on most apps that you use. The special thing is that can drag and drop to any position want so as not to interfere with their usage. After that, it will change colors continuously depending on the time of the phone use. If it is red, stop using the phone immediately because is already approaching the prescribed usage limit.

Note: YourHour will not block any of the applications or call notifications. Because the publisher of this app wants you to always be in control of the time using a smartphone.

Detailed report

After using YourHour for a long time, this application will form certain user data streams. This will help provide the most detailed daily, monthly, report on their smartphone. These reports are integrated with relatively intelligent algorithms, so they will be quite accurate and complete.

For example, a day you use your phone to study for about 1 hour, and spend 2 hours surfing the web for entertainment right after. So are you really productive? The answer is definitely no. Therefore, the appearance of this application is a real savior for you. In addition, if you use the YourHour Premium version, you can use the PDF export feature of weekly and monthly reports for easier tracking.

Supports multiple languages worldwide

For a productivity app like YourHour, supporting multiple languages makes it easier for users to reach. Currently, this application supports 8 different languages worldwide. Including English, Spanish, French, Italian, promises to help users without too many difficulties when using. Besides, the publisher will also integrate some other languages in the near future to help this application become global. Which language do you expect to appear next? Please comment below this article to let us know.

How to install YourHour

Step 1: You need to download the MOD version of YourHour from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Tap install as normal files.

Step 3: when finished, the “YourHour by MODDED-1” logo will appear.

Download YourHour MOD APK for Android

For a smartphone addict like me, use YourHour is extremely necessary. This application provides a lot of effective solutions to help users reduce smartphone usage time. Besides, the simple usage as well as the streamlined layout will definitely make it easier for users to use. If you feel have spent too much time on smartphones, use YourHour now.

MOD Features:

  • Premium Unlocked


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