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Update OnDecember 1, 2022
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Audio amplifier to help MP3 tracks become more amazing with Loudly MOD APK – Dedicated application to do this from Appsrock publisher. If your device owns a speaker range, use this app to feel the difference immediately.

Note: You can also refer to some other online music apps on our websites like Yandex Music or Shazam Encore.

Introduce about Loudly

Loudly – Louder Volume Amplifier & Speaker Booster

download loudly mod apk

Most mobile devices at the moment are integrated with a dedicated range of speakers, but sometimes they will not meet the user’s needs. For example, when you are watching a drama but sound comes from a small device. Try using Loudly immediately to fix this quickly. This app will interfere with the device’s software to make the sound generated larger than usual. Hearing absurd right? But believe us go, because this app is very trusted and achieved millions of plays on Google Play as of the present time.

How to operate

As mentioned above, it is difficult to access an application to access the device’s hardware to change it at the user’s will. But the way of operation of loudly is completely different, it does not change the magnitude of the sound through the hardware. What it does is changing the source of the sound through built-in smart algorithms.

Specifically, users need to give this application access to the app to be ready to operate. Next, you will choose the sound level to amplify through a few extremely simple operations. The application will automatically operate and bring a lot better sound experience than usual. Of course, the device will emit a large and more sound system.

Adjust volume

Adjustable sound with loudly is also very simple, you will easily see two built-in toolbars on the screen. Basically, the functions of these two toolbars are completely different. The first bar has the effect of adjusting the original volume of the device, the bar below is increasing the volume of the application. You just need to use a simple touch operation to adjust the loudness of the sound depending on your wishes.

Besides, Loudly also allows users to adjust band strips to make them sound more quality. Typically 60Hz, 230 Hz, 910Hz, 3.6KHz, 14kHz. This feature is very suitable for users who regularly listen to music. Because you can change the constant band for different tracks to create the best sound experience.


Loudly not only helps users to customize sounds for regular music and videos but also does more. This application can also operate for calls and sound alarms. Typically, the device’s alarm is not large enough to make you late much important jobs? Or the volume when the device’s call is not large enough that makes you can’t hear the opponent’s words? This app will help you solve those problems immediately.

In addition, loudly also works for other audio devices as long as they have directly connected to the original device. However, it is not always possible to operate stably because the majority of devices are connected in a wireless form.

Use right on the desktop

The floating icon feature of this app will help users easily change the sound right on the desktop. This feature works quite similarly to popular music players like SoundCloud or Spotify. Therefore, users will not take too much time to install and use it quickly. In particular, you can customize the sound even while using a third application.

Simple interface

After loudly experience it for a while, we noticed that the interface of this app was designed extremely simple and shortened very much. This will help users don’t have too much difficulty using it even when using it the first time. The details in this application are integrated very fit on the display screen, so with just a few simple steps, you can customize the sound to your wishes. Overall, the interface of this app is quite intuitive and complete which makes us feel very pleased.

What’s in the Loudly Pro version?

Similar to these applications, Loudly also integrates the Pro version with more advanced features. In the free version, users can only adjust the sound through two built-in toolbars. The Pro version is a lot more amazing, users just need to touch the Basic icon in the middle of the screen that can customize the advanced sound. In addition, the Pro version also integrates ad-blocking features so users do not bother using it.

How to install Loudly

Step 1: Download the file Loudly (MOD Pro Unlocked) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Loudly_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Loudly MOD APK for Android

You may have known a few ways to amplify sound on mobile devices, but truly loudly is a more amazing option. With only a few simple steps, you can adjust the sound to your device quickly. Besides, this app also supports audio alarm amplification and calls so everything becomes more vivid. Download this app to the device for any verification.

Features MOD:

  • Pro Unlocked


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