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Update OnFebruary 6, 2023
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BlockerX MOD APK is an application that helps users block websites, apps, and words with adult content. It will be an effective tool to refine your experience on the phone, helping to limit your exposure to malicious information from the network environment.

Note: You can refer to many other applications such as Daylio Journal and Beta Maniac on Modded-1.com.

Introduce about BlockerX

BlockerX – Block any source of adult content

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BlockerX is a free application released by Atmana and currently has attracted more than 1 million users on the Android platform. It is trusted by many people for its wide range of useful features that do not require any payment. It will help users limit and block information sources containing adult content, including movies, photos, and words. So it can be useful to help us control our children’s experience on the internet. Instead of having to stop them from using their phones or restricting their hours, their experience is now carefully distilled to comfortably use the internet for useful things.

Why is BlockerX necessary?

Today, the internet has become too popular and necessary for human life. It is a place for people to learn, explore, communicate, and entertain on multiple platforms, especially phones. However, besides its benefits, the internet still contains many sources of harmful information that can affect the perception and development of people, especially children. So, is there a way to block these sources without having to turn off the phone? The answer is BlockerX.

It possesses many effective features to help users limit the appearance of malicious news sources, typically adult content. It’s not just websites, apps, but even related words. Besides, it is also useful for users to block addictive applications to focus on work. So it is useful for all users even on phones or computers.

Main features of BlockerX

Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of this application:

Block Adult Content: There are many ways to block adult content on BlockerX. Users can add to the block list specific websites and applications containing this content. Or even, they can block phrases like “adult videos” and the app will automatically filter to remove sources containing these phrases. So the blocking capacity is guaranteed to the maximum.

Block Addictive Apps: You know, there are many of us who are addicted to social networks, typically Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and more. If you cannot control their use effectively, you should use BlockerX. Just add them to the block list of addictive apps so you can’t access them. After a good job is done, you can return to the apps and unblock them.

Accountability Partner: This is a fairly new feature of this app. The Accountability Partner is like a virtual friend to assist each user with their problems. If you’re having trouble maintaining good habits, this friend has the advice to help you out.

Articles and courses: BlockerX has articles available on the topic of improving the technical lifestyle of modern people. There you’ll find helpful tips or guides to tackle common problems like quitting, improving relationships, motivation, using social media effectively, and more.

Prevent app uninstall

Blocklist setups can be quickly removed by the user’s or anyone else’s actions. Therefore, to ensure this blocking is most effective, BlockerX has been installed so that it cannot be removed easily. The user will not be able to remove the application without the permission of the accountability partner. This prevents them from being easily influenced by willpower. At the same time, it also helps to limit the unwanted removal of the people involved, such as children.

Easy to use

Users can easily access and enjoy the features in BlockerX without much hindrance. Its interface is quite simple but intuitive, important features display on the main screen for quick search and turn on. Installing a block list of malicious apps or websites is also very simple. Users only need to enter the name of the website, application, or malicious keywords. The blocking and filtering are the responsibility of the application.

How to install BlockerX

Step 1: Get the BlockerX MOD APK file at Modded-1.com through the link below this article.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, you need to install the file by selecting Install.

Step 3: You can use the application as soon as the installation is complete. It includes the MOD (Premium Unlocked) feature.

Download BlockerX MOD APK for Android

If you are having trouble focusing on work or malicious information from the internet, BlockerX will be the best solution. You can use it to block adult sources or addictive apps on your phone. As a result, it will help you limit your exposure to bad information and focus on useful work instead of uncontrolled entertainment on social networks. As can be seen, this application is an essential tool for everyone. And that’s why you shouldn’t ignore it.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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