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Calorie Counter MOD APK is the best app on your phone for you to track and control your weight. It gives you a clear plan according to your goals with suggestions for recipes, exercises, and analysis of health indicators and reports them every day. So if you need a health and weight expert, it’s here.

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Introduce about Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter – Free tool to track weight and health

Weight is an indicator that helps us assess health status. But what determines your weight? That’s how many calories you take in each day. It comes from the food you give your body, and also subtracts the calories lost due to different activities throughout the day. But how to track these metrics? Calorie Counter is a solution. It is an effective tool for users to track calories and macros in their bodies to find the right method to control their weight.

Calorie Counter

But it’s not just that. This app is an expert on nutrition and health. It can suggest you an effective plan to reach your weight goal. It also recommends scientific diets and exercises suitable for each body condition. After each day, you can also see your results and even a report of your training for the week or month. It’s also free to download to your phone from Google Play. So it’s not too hard to understand when it has reached more than 50 million installs from Android users.

Set goals

The most important thing when you first access this application is to set a goal. Based on the current body condition, each user will have different goals, such as weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining a scientific nutrition regimen. And depending on the goal, the application will suggest the user appropriate exercises and recipes. So, consider it carefully and set your goals appropriately.

Log food and daily activities

This is the main feature of Calorie Counter. It allows users to record the day’s activities including food and exercise that contribute to adding or reducing calories to the body. Based on the user’s description, the application will perform prediction, analysis, and calculation of calories per day. From there, it will tell you if you’re doing it right. Calories remaining from your goal will be calculated daily. Thanks to that, you can easily monitor your weight and health status.

Besides, it also relies on user logs to recommend content that matches your interests. Users do not need to put a lot of weight into eating or exercising, just need to follow certain principles to get used to it gradually. In addition to the calorie breakdown, the app also shows you a progress report on macros and nutrients for the week or month. With macros, users can know the amount and percentage of Net Carbs, Fat and Protein loaded into the body each day. Based on that, the user can adjust the nutrition regimen or the initial goal set.

A wealth of food and exercise content

Calorie Counter will recommend eating and exercise plans based on the user’s habits and goals. In the “Plans” section, users can search by Workout, Nutrition, Meal Plan, and more. There, they will find recipes for each meal and daily walking, yoga, and relaxation exercises. Besides, it also supports users to search for dishes by scanning. So finding ingredients for dishes according to the recipe is not difficult. So this application is suitable for all users, from users with simple needs to experts.

Detailed, clear, and intuitive

Everything is designed very intuitively on the user interface of Calorie Counter. The information, charts, pictures, and more are very real, clear, and accurate. The features are arranged neatly and logically, so it is easy for users to identify and search. Besides, this application can also be connected to smartwatches, helping users access and track their routes anytime, anywhere. Even if you change your phone or watch, just log in to your account to continue what was before.

How to install Calorie Counter

Step 1: Download the Calorie Counter MOD or APK file version from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to open the app, log in and enjoy it on your phone.

Download Calorie Counter MOD APK for Android

Calorie Counter is an effective tool trusted by millions of users around the world. It can help you track your weight, nutrition, and health easily right on your phone. By diligently keeping a diary and keeping track of your daily health reports, you can see where you’ve come in your weight goal journey. The application will assist you in calculating calories per day and recommend scientific methods to reach your goal fastest and safest. No need to exercise hard or eat less than 2 times a day, let your body relax and gradually get used to a new regimen.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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