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Update OnNovember 15, 2022
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STEEZY MOD APK is an indispensable friend for dance enthusiasts. Download this app now and you can choose your instructor, choose a course according to your dance level and enjoy the most dynamic exercises.

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Introduce about STEEZY

STEEZY – The number 1 dance studio on the phone

Dancing is a favorite sport of many young people today. But a person who wants to learn to dance will need a specific route and instructor. To get there, you will have to go to the gym and sign up for a course that can cost hundreds of dollars. So, why not try STEEZY, a top-notch dance practice app with quality beyond the regular courses? It is trusted by the majority of users today on phones. Because it is a free application, it is full of the best dance exercises, allowing users to choose a teacher, choose a course, and especially can use it at home.

No need to go to the gym and no need to spend a few hundred dollars, because you already have STEEZY. It is free to install from Google Play with the regular version. However, if you have the need for advanced and intensive dance practice, it is best to try the Premium version available for free at Modded-1.com. This is a great pick for our dance enthusiasts.

Lots of best dance courses

As you know, dance also has a variety of genres from Hip-hop, Open Style, Dance Workout, Jazz, Locking, and more. Each type of dance will have different characteristics and distinct exercises. Therefore, if you are a newbie, it will be difficult for you to practice any type of dance, moreover, you do not know where to start. But coming to STEEZY, users will be provided with a specific route from basic to advanced. It has more than 800 classes with a variety of topics and levels, suitable for anyone who wants to join.

When starting to use the application, users can provide a little personal information and choose their favorite dance level and sport. Then, they can even choose experts they trust to accompany them throughout their training sessions. STEEZY’s professionals are the best dancers and instructors, certified and trained in a professional environment. So they will help you to progress faster every day to soon become a real dancer at home.

Intuitive workouts

Dance lessons are available as a video with visual quality and vivid sound. Thanks to that, users can follow each move in any dance, can watch it over and over at the speed they want, and can set the number of loops they want. Dancers will show dance moves from slow to fast, helping learners grasp faster and remember longer. Along with that, of course, music is indispensable. You can listen to music, dance to the music, and watch the movement of your body in the mirror.

Depending on the level the user chooses, each lesson will have a different difficulty level. If they choose the beginner level, the dance moves will not be too difficult, the practice time is also relatively short. But the difficulty will be pushed higher after a period of practice through each lesson in a route. Conversely, if the user chooses an intermediate or advanced level, the lessons will usually last more than 20 minutes with difficult movements. And the difficulty is also continuously increasing for learners to challenge themselves.

See your achievements every day

After completing a school day, users can review their study history at the “See Yourself” section. Go here and you will know what exercises you have learned and can click on the corresponding video to review. Thereby, you also know whether you are learning continuously or not, where the level has been, and how the progress has been made. Those things are necessary for users to track their training and determine their level of jumping to have a suitable adjustment plan if desired.

Light and intuitive interface

STEEZY’s main colors are light blue and white. This combination creates a comfortable feeling when looking at the application interface. Moreover, the details, features, content, images on the application are also extremely clear and intuitive. The courses are neatly and logically arranged, making it convenient for all users to search and manipulate. Customization on the application is also very easy, just swipe your finger to do it.

Steps to install STEEZY

Step 1: If you have ever downloaded any version of STEEZY, please uninstall it from your phone. Then, click the “Download” link at the end of this article to download the APK or MOD file of STEEZY at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, the application will be ready to use immediately.

Download STEEZY MOD APK for Android

STEEZY will be a useful tool to train and improve your dancing. Any kind of dance is available, from gentle and flexible movements to dynamic and modern. Each dance subject has many lessons suitable for many levels from beginner to expert. The instructors are enthusiastic, fun, and the exercise videos are very intuitive. So everything is available to make you satisfied. Do not hesitate, this is the best choice to accompany you to the dance.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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