Pokémon Smile APK 2.0.2 Download for Android [Full Version]

The Pokemon Company
Update OnFebruary 3, 2023
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Category Education
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Join Pokémon Smile now to brush your teeth and discover funny Pokemon. The APK version of this game is also available on our website. Get ready to download it and enjoy it now.

Note: You can refer to some games of the same genre such as Pokémon Café Mix and Nexomon.

Introduce about Pokémon Smile

download pokemon smile

As the name implies, The Pokemon Company is a mobile game publisher specializing in the topic of Pokemon. Based on the images of familiar Pokemon, they have launched many unique products with interesting and diverse gameplay including Pokémon Smile. Unlike its predecessors, this game belongs to the simple simulation genre combined with real images and funny stickers to teach children how to brush their teeth perfectly. Do you find it difficult to make children brush their teeth every day? If so, let them play Pokémon Smile so brushing teeth becomes more interesting than ever.

An AR education game

Pokémon Smile is a virtual reality game that works on mobile platforms. This game will use the front camera of the phone to observe the brushing activity of the player, then it will automatically pair the stickers with Pokemon funny images on their faces. You can see images of Pokemon lying on your head at the same time, accompanied by colorful scenes with flowers, leaves, clouds.

download pokemon smile mod full

As can be seen, Pokémon Smile is an extremely suitable choice for children who are practicing how to brush their teeth every day. Not every child likes to brush their teeth, although this is a necessary job to protect their health. Simply because they feel this is boring. However, with the lovely game from The Pokemon Company, brushing your teeth every day is like a memorable adventure with the Pokemon. At the same time, you can take a few selfies and choose the best photos to save to your phone. This is interesting, right?

How to play Pokémon Smile

Pokémon Smile will count down 1, 2, 3 and a game screen begins. You can see teeth with purple bacteria clouds surrounded. If you want to remove them from your teeth, start brushing your teeth from left to right and from top to bottom carefully. Of course, players need to clean all teeth to complete each game screen. If you have not done well, the game will automatically bring up the reminder.

download pokemon smile mod apk

Note: Pokémon Smile has a built-in brushing mode in certain time periods. It could be 1, 2, or 3 minutes. The brushing cycle of the game is the standard cycle recommended by leading medical centers. Therefore, be assured for your child play it every time brushing teeth.

Rescue pokemon

You know, cute Pokemon are trapped under dirty teeth. Help him get out of there by brushing his teeth well and performing regularly every day to rescue lots of Pokemon. In addition, after completing a certain level of play, players can pick up some funny Pokemon hats shaped Pikachu, Fushigisou, or Lizardo.

download pokemon smile apk

Pokémon Smile also has more than 150 other types of Pokemon integrated. Players can delight in watching and adventure with them during brushing. I think every kid loves Pokemon and stories related to them. Therefore, I think this game will be very helpful to lead the children into brushing and practicing that habit every day.

Graphics 2D

Pokémon Smile is a virtual reality game that simultaneously uses real images from users and virtual images from the collection. Players can see their images on the interface of the game honestly but equally fun because it is decorated with stickers. These virtual images are designed in an animated style and their form is inspired by familiar Pokemon.

Sounds amused

In addition to the graphics, the sound of the game should be mentioned as it is an aspect that contributes to the success of this game. Funny music always has a varied variety at every stage. This will definitely help players feel excited and relaxed in every experience.

How to install Pokémon Smile

Currently, our website is providing the Pokémon Smile APK version for different platforms that are available below. You can download it using the following instructions:

Step 1: Download Pokémon Smile (Original APK) at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Next, search for the download file on your device and install it as usual.

Step 3: Agree to all the terms mentioned because they are safe. Then you can play the game early. It’s simple right?

Download Pokémon Smile APK for Android

Through the above information, players can visualize the gameplay, controls, features as well as the graphical and sound aspects of Pokémon Smile. However, we encourage gamers to experience it for themselves now to have the most intuitive view of this game. This is an interesting and fun game for all ages of players, especially children. Download the game right away to practice brushing habits every day with the Pokemon in endless adventures. Protect your teeth to get better every day with Pokémon Smile. Let’s go.

MOD Features:

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