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Update OnJanuary 30, 2023
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Psiphon Pro MOD APK is one of the most powerful tools to support users to access unlimited resources on the internet. In fact, there are quite a few factors that prevent you from accessing the websites you want. But this application will fulfill all requests through a few basic gestures. In this article, let’s learn more about the application.

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Introduce about Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro – VPN application to access all resources on the internet

The development of the information technology industry has brought a series of changes in society. Typically, all the resources that we need to find are available on the internet, and you only need to use a device connected to the internet to easily access it. Of course, in some cases, you may not be able to connect to the websites you want. There are many reasons such as geographical location, distance, or inappropriate content.

Psiphon Pro

To solve this problem, a series of VPN applications have been born with many different features. Psiphon Pro is one of them. This application is a more optimized version than the Psiphon application from the publisher Psiphon Inc. To date, this application has achieved more than 50 million installs on Google Play along with 4.5 ratings. We firmly believe that this number is enough to prove the attraction that this application brings to all users.

A global network of connections

With this app, users can easily access VPN servers around the world for optimal internet usage. The server system of this application is also very diverse. It has more than thousands of servers located all over the world. This will help the user’s VPN connection process always at the highest speed, and at the same time achieve high stability. If any server has a problem, the device will automatically redirect to another server to always ensure the most optimal operation.

Access to servers is fully automated, and Psiphon Pro will prioritize connecting your device to the closest server. As a result, the performance for data transmission and exchange will be faster and more stable. In some cases, you can also search for servers manually, selecting whichever one you feel is suitable to start using the internet right away.

Unlimited internet speed

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The most outstanding feature of the Psiphon Pro is probably that it is completely free with premium internet speed. Thanks to the ability to search intelligent servers, the user’s access speed is always guaranteed to be stable and continuously improved from time to time. All the user needs to do is simply give the app access and location for it to function at its best. The improvement of internet speed will help the user’s usage process always achieve high performance, without interruption when performing work- or study-related activities.

Absolute security, anti-leakage of information

Besides the great features mentioned above, Psiphon Pro also provides absolute security through modern algorithms. As a result, this application can easily identify suspicious websites, or leak information due to viruses when downloading resource files from the internet. This will help users avoid serious consequences related to data leakage on the device. From there, giving you a safe browsing experience.

In addition, this application also supports users to connect to public wifi networks. Thus, you can ensure that the internet is always everywhere with just a few basic tips. In fact, public wifi always has a lot of suspicious dangers that you cannot fully control. Don’t worry, Psiphon Pro will protect users’ internet access by creating a separate access tunnel.

Real-time traffic statistics

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This is one of the features that many users are interested in when using VPN applications. Fortunately, Psiphon Pro has a built-in real-time data traffic statistician. Here, you can easily see all the data sent or pre-multiplied, as well as the total time connected. All are displayed in great detail on the screen with an intuitive update panel. As a result, you can control the entire internet traffic on your internet to make the necessary changes.

How to install Psiphon Pro

Step 1: Go to Modded-1.com, search for the keyword Psiphon Pro and download the MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the version (APK & MOD) Psiphon Pro and wait until the process is finished.

Step 3: The application icon will appear with the words “Psiphon Pro by MODDED-1.COM”.

Any questions related to the download and installation process, please contact us for answers as soon as possible.

Download Psiphon Pro MOD APK for Android

Besides the above features, we firmly believe that Psiphon Pro will fully meet the needs of users. You can use this app for unlimited access to your favorite news channels or social networks. Or simply stay safe during your connection to the internet thanks to the smart features available. Moreover, you can also use the MOD version provided by us below to use more advanced features of the application.

Features MOD:

  • Subscribed Unlocked


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