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Adobe Capture

Your creativity will be raised to a new level when using Adobe Capture APK right now. This is considered one of the effective support tools for graphic designers with built-in basic to advanced features. In this article, we will help you better understand the main features that come with this application.

Note: You can also find some other useful applications from the Adobe publisher on our websites such as Adobe Photoshop Express or Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Introduce about Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture – Composite application from popular Adobe tools

If you are looking for a powerful photo editing application on the mobile platform, you should not miss the appearance of Adobe Capture from Adobe publisher. This is a professional photo editing tool, it owns all the most powerful tools from Adobe’s photo editing support applications. Some of the features include extracting colors, creating vector art, digital brushes, and more.

Of course, this is an application exclusively for those who love creativity and have certain experience in photo editing. To get the best artwork, you need to go through a lot of tweaking in this app so please be patient. Currently, Adobe Capture has achieved more than 5 million installs and 4.6 ratings on Google Play. So you can be assured of the advantages it brings.

Support creating design documents

Adobe Capture is like an unlimited creative machine for all types of users. The key tools in this application will make it possible for you to create design documents suitable for immediate use in other Adobe software. Now you just need to come up with concept sketches and take advantage of this application to easily create specialized design documents.

Available features will make it possible for users to turn the world around them into their own creative assets through a few basic steps. In general, creativity is the core factor that helps you make the most of this application’s power. With just a few simple taps, you can create graphic design elements that suit your needs.

Create a variety of color versions

Color is one of the indispensable elements in the process of creating a good photo. Adobe Capture understands that. Users can easily create RGB or Gradient palettes through this application easily. You can use the original photo on your device to get the right colors. The algorithms in the app work very well to bring out the most accurate colors. The way it works is also very simple, that is, touch any point on the image to get the color you want.

Turn original photos into sketches

With this feature, all details on the original image will be completely removed. Smart algorithms will transform the image vector lines into a perfect sketch on the screen. Now you can recreate the colors on your sketches to your liking and unleash your creativity with newer color gamuts. Of course, the sketch will work independently of the original image so you don’t have to worry too much about affecting the original image.

Identify the right font

For any designer around the world, fonts play a very important role in creating beautiful works of art. The text has the role of expressing the messages and content that the author wants to convey in each specific work. Therefore, choosing a suitable font will make everything more optimal than ever. This application will support users to recognize fonts by scanning images, or you can also use fonts available in the Adobe Fonts store.

Use the camera to create works of art

Create artistic patterns and textures: You just need to take a photo that you want to transform into artistic textures through the camera. The system will automatically reproduce everything and produce results in a short time.

Create 3D textures: Like the above feature, you can create 3D textures only with an original photo taken directly or available in your device’s gallery.

Convenient Brush feature: With this feature, you can transform the details appearing in the photo into artistic brush lines. These brush strokes will simulate the original image so that you can recreate everything according to your needs.

How to install Adobe Capture

Step 1: The Adobe Capture APK link is in the article below. Click on it to immediately download the application to your device.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, click the “Install” button to install the app.

Step 3: This process will take place quite quickly. After successful installation, the Adobe Capture icon will display right on the main screen. Click it to use it immediately.

Download Adobe Capture APK for Android

Adobe Capture will make your creative process simpler and faster than ever with available tools. How to use this application is really very simple, you just need to perform a few basic swipes to be able to use it right away. Besides, it also syncs directly with other design applications from the Adobe publisher. It will definitely bring you convenience during the design process.

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