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Update OnMarch 23, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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MOD (V2)

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Summoner’s Greed MOD APK is a fun tower defense game where you can become an evil mage against the king’s army. This is not the place to be a hero, so get ready to conquer all the strongest warriors to protect your loot.

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Introduce about Summoner’s Greed

Summoner’s Greed – Unique hero strategy game

Summoner’s Greed is a new game from the publisher PIXIO, officially released on Google Play and App Store. This game has a fun strategy style that combines classic defense gameplay. So it will delight you with heroic strategic battles that cannot be more attractive. It possesses a unique collection of magicians with extremely diverse looks and skills. Besides, it is carefully invested in images and effects to bring a super-satisfying action experience. That’s why it has attracted more than 5 million installs from Android users. At the same time, it also excellently achieved 4.8/5 rating points, a score that every publisher wishes.

Did the above interesting points about Summoner’s Greed interest you? If yes, don’t hesitate to download the game and try it on your phone now. It is a free game but what is more amazing is our MOD APK version at the end of this article. It will give you infinite diamonds to enjoy shopping.

Summon the evil magicians

If you are familiar with the story of the hero who saves the world, the gameplay content of this game may surprise you. Because it is a type of game that is completely opposite to what players imagine about a defense strategy game. There are no heroes here, only the most powerful and brutal magicians will accompany you. Therefore, gamers should prepare themselves to get used to the new powers that can put an end to any righteous hero.

The player joins the game as a dark mage who has just stolen a treasure chest from the king. To get his item back, the king has assembled a powerful army of warriors and they are on their way to your base. So now is the time to prepare a defensive plan to protect the precious item you have stolen. Think of mages and monsters as tower units, which players will summon and combine to build an impressive defense.

Unique character collection

Summoner’s Greed will make gamers excited with a huge collection of characters. Players can find the most powerful mages, monsters, minions at the magical summoning portal. Accordingly, players will be able to gather funny but clever slime characters, or agile hellhounds, a bear with extraordinary strength. Each character has its own characteristics, deciding its position on the battlefield. Therefore, in order to have a good battle plan, players need to grasp the skills of each character as well as how to effectively combine the characters together.

When participating in battle, players will choose their available characters and place them in different locations on the map. Each character will play a different role and they can automatically attack the target to finish them off. A perfect formation will be a formation that ensures both attack and defense. Important characters should be placed in the middle or at the end of the squad to maximize their ability. Meanwhile, small monsters or magicians with good health should be the top guardians. You will see characters showing off their skills, which are colorful magic moves. But each character will have different performance effects, thereby creating an impressive action party.

Unlock, level up and take on new challenges

Players will take turns participating in tower defense battles with increasing difficulty. They will fight weak heroes or, farmers, blacksmiths, in the beginning. But then their enemies can be ice magicians, elite knights, and Bosses. They will make you difficult, that’s when you should consider upgrading the squad. Players can spend money to unlock new characters with better powers. Thanks to that, they can conquer more difficult challenges as they level up.

Bright 2D graphics

The image in Summoner’s Greed has bright and fun colors, making the game experience look very friendly. The characters in the game from the main side to the villain side all look very unique with funny looks and unique skill effects. Besides, the game context is also quite diverse and has eye-catching colors. The sound is also pretty great with the vibrant background music and the sounds of the characters’ moves.

How to install Summoner’s Greed

Step 1: Please uninstall other versions of Summoner’s Greed (if any). Next, click on the link at the end of this article to download the game’s MOD APK file.

Step 2: Install the file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it as soon as the game icon displays on the phone screen.

Download Summoner’s Greed MOD APK for Android

Summoner’s Greed is a tower defense game for all types of players. With familiar gameplay and fun images, this game will bring you moments of real relaxation. Gather the most powerful wizards and monsters in your collection to put an end to the heroic warriors from the king. This is not the time to pretend to be weak, show your enemies that you really are the most brutal mage.


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