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11 bit studios
Update OnMay 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked DLCs
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 4.1
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This War of Mine MOD APK is the game version for the mobile platform, inspired by the war context. You will control a group of people to survive in underground tunnels, find food, drink, craft, fight and find ways to make it through the darkest nights.

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Introduce about This War of Mine

This War of Mine – War simulation combined with strategic survival elements

This War of Mine is one of the most outstanding games of all time in the genre of survival in the context of war. It was developed by 11 bit studios and was first released to the public in 2014 on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. Then, with the popularity of the game, the publisher continued to release versions for mobile platforms on Android and iOS in 2015. And now, everyone can access this game on any platform with English as the main language.

This War of Mine

It can be seen as a monument in the re-enactment of war, a hot topic but difficult to implement successfully. It depicts everything vividly against the background of the dark background and the 2D horizontal plane. So it will definitely leave you with a lot of impressions, not only in terms of attractive survival gameplay but also by the intention that the game wants to convey. The result of war is only tears, blood, and loss. So can you make it different? Let’s play it and show your survival and war point of view.

Draw up your own survival story

This War of Mine is inspired by the 1992-1996 Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Players will explore it by impersonating each character in a group of refugees. Above the ground are gun battles that take place day and night. And below the ground is a shelter for innocent people looking to survive the day. Two opposing contexts bring players to harsh emotions. Life and death are just a thin line. Everything is clearly depicted to show us the devastating consequences of the once military war.

However, the player will not enter the game as an adventurer. That means they won’t just come to explore the pre-built setting and story. Instead, they come here to write their own story in a given context. In the dark underground tunnels, you and the other refugees will take control of your life. You will make decisions to help people survive as long as possible until the war ends. The right decision is to survive and vice versa, death is inevitable. So you are like a survival strategist, having to constantly choose and see the results.

Survive at all costs

The player’s survival in This War of Mine is divided into two parts, day and night. During the day, they must work on making tools, upgrading shelters, preparing food, and healing survivors. Meanwhile, at night, they will have to send out specialized people to exchange goods, search and collect food, weapons, and equipment. These two lives oppose each other, but at the same time complement each other. During the day it hides, at night it stalks. Food, weapons, and medicine collected at night would be useful to sustain the entire group of refugees.

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Day by day, hunger will come faster while the weather is also increasingly harsh. Players need to make sure the characters still maintain their health and well-being. Hunger, thirst, looting, war, and more are problems that you face every day. But the level will get bigger and bigger, along with the more difficult challenge. Players need to have a clear strategy to always make sure everything is available in stock. It’s not just hunger and battles with war soldiers and other refugees that can slow you down.

Discover each character’s story

Each character in This War of Mine has different characteristics. They used to be an athlete, a musician, a chef, or whatever. But in war, they are people who need to find life. Take advantage of each person’s skills to divide tasks appropriately. A cook can take care of everyone’s meals, an agile athlete can do resource gathering at night.

Excellent graphics and sound

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Speaking of This War of Mine, what makes us admire is the image and sound. It possesses a unique design style with a dark background, realistic images, and gloomy colors. It very realistically depicts the war scene, when people are in the dark to hide and survive. Besides, the sound is also very attractive with thrilling background music and flexibly changing in each scene.

How to install This War of Mine

Step 1: Click the link at the end of the article to download This War of Mine MOD or APK.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Install done, the game will be ready to play anytime on your phone.

Download This War of Mine MOD APK for Android

This War of Mine is a great war game that you should try at least once. Controlling a group of people to survive while the gunfire surrounds is an interesting challenge. Make rational decisions to assign each person to different tasks and help the group survive. Weapons, food, and medicine are indispensable for life, but they are not available to use all the time. So your job is to collect them wisely to be safe.

Features MOD

  • Unlocked DLCs


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