Stickman Race Destruction 2 MOD APK 1.03 [Unlimited Rewards] Download

Cuongbeo Game Studio
Update OnDecember 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rewards
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Stickman Race Destruction 2 MOD APK is a driving game with the task of overcoming all obstacles in front of you. Accordingly, you simply control the stickman guy to drive and perform crashes that destroy everything on the road. Gradually, things will become more difficult but you can also unlock new vehicles to complete every challenge.

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Introduce about Stickman Race Destruction 2

Stickman Race Destruction 2 – An effective stress reliever stickman driving game

Stickman Race Destruction 2

Stickman Race Destruction 2 is known as a stickman game inspired by the first version of the same name. Accordingly, this game has special improvements to help players feel more interested when participating in the destruction challenges available. All related movements are followed by the publisher Cuongbeo Game Studio in strict accordance with the actual rules of physics that will surely make you feel excited. You will create terrible accidents using a variety of vehicles to destroy as many obstacles as possible. This game is currently available on Google Play. Please download it to learn more.

Crazy destruction gameplay

Joining Stickman Race Destruction 2, players will have the opportunity to enjoy the crazy destruction through a series of obstacles appearing on the screen. The gameplay of this game is simply controlling the vehicle to rush forward and destroy all traps or obstacles in the way.

The sense of destruction in the game will be pushed to a new level with vivid visual effects and unique physics. This will definitely bring you a unique stress-relieving experience that has never been seen before. Besides, the control mechanism is also simply integrated with the appearance of familiar virtual buttons on the screen.

Create terrible accidents

In fact, you can easily create terrible accidents in Stickman Race Destruction 2 without suffering any consequences. Initially, players will start with a few relatively rudimentary vehicles to perform acrobatics and crash into everything along the way. During this stage, you should not collide with large obstacles if you do not want your vehicle to be severely damaged.

download stickman race destruction 2 mod

Also, try to reach the finish line in each level for a chance to unlock new vehicles. The appearance of large cars will help you create more classic crashes. At this point, you will see two or three stickman characters controlling together. You will drive various vehicles from trucks, cars, cranes, and even tanks to crash everything on the road in this game.

The appearance of dangerous traps

In this sequel, players will have to face many more dangerous pitfalls than in the previous version. They will cause your car a lot of problems every time you touch them on the way. It has the appearance of large saw blades, soaring stairs, a bottomless abyss, sharp blades, and more.

With each obstacle, there will be different collision interactions to help players always have a new feeling. Remember that your mission will not change throughout the game’s progress. Simply control your car to move continuously forward and destroy as many obstacles as possible. Are you ready to take action and break the laws of physics in the game?

Many new maps and levels

The map system in Stickman Race Destruction 2 is extremely diverse with many additions compared to the first version. Each level brings players new obstacles that promise to create excitement throughout the game. The appearance of new obstacles and diverse terrain will also give you a lot of fun. The ragdoll-style physical action will also make the crash experience much more distinctive. Break and destroy as many as to win in this unique game.

Minimalist 2D graphics

download stickman race destruction 2 apk

Stickman Race Destruction 2 gives players 2D graphics combined with minimalist styles. Most of the details have a characteristic design along with a variety of colors. Typically, the appearance of special vehicles along with colorful stickman guys. All of them show a richness in design to help players easily distinguish. Besides, the physical effects are also very prominent and show smoothness when playing.

How to install Stickman Race Destruction 2

If you have not downloaded any version of Stickman Race Destruction 2 from MODDED-1.COM, please read the instructions below:

Step 1: Download Stickman Race Destruction 2 via the APK link below the article.

Step 2: Enable the unknown source feature on apps with sources other than Google Play for a successful installation.

Step 3: Click Install.

Step 4: Finally, open the game and enjoy it.

Download Stickman Race Destruction 2 MOD APK for Android

Stickman Race Destruction 2 takes players to the challenge of Destroying everything along the way to victory. Destroy everything on your way to victory. Not allowed to stop, players only have to accelerate and move forward if they do not want to lose. Do not be subjective in any situation because you can lose if you miss a beat.

Features MOD

  • Unlimited Rewards


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