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Update OnJuly 29, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All DNA
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Have you ever thought of becoming a villain and destroying the world with a disease? This is a rather cruel thought, but it would be fun to do it without harming others. Download Plague Inc MOD APK for Android, to turn my thoughts into reality right now.

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Introduce about Plague Inc

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Plague Inc is a DNA infection game, a variant of the most dangerous virus on the planet. Basically, in this game, the player will transform into a true villain with the desire to destroy the world through the viruses that he has created. The special thing is Plague Inc integrated an epidemic model with an extremely complex system of variables to simulate the spread and its danger to the human body. First, let us come to some interesting reviews about this game.


How to play Plague Inc is relatively simple for new players for the first time experience. Specifically, players will have to touch the DNA points that appear randomly on the map every time your disease spreads to a new land. The main use of DNA points is to upgrade your disease in a variety of ways such as severity, persistence, resistance, or faster outbreaks.

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Next, players will have to choose the path to spread the disease such as air, water, mice, migratory birds, insects. Each type has its own characteristics such as air and water that will cause the epidemic the disease spreads quickly, while migratory birds cause the disease to spread more widely. This means that you will have to calculate carefully before making a final decision if they want their disease to maximize their ability to infect.

Spread diseases to the world

The main task of the player in this game is to infect the pathogens with as many people as possible. Which will make the whole world become chaotic and always in a state of fear whenever your disease appears. Specifically, on the experience screen, there will appear a map of the whole world to make it easier for players to observe and find the most accurate. And reasonable pathogen spread in a certain time.

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Plague Inc simulated in detail the whole process of disease outbreaks, spreads, their harms as well as human prevention. Therefore, this game will attract players right from the first images thanks to the ability to simulate very realistically and logically. The gameplay needs a bit of calculation and the feeling of spreading fear to all humanity really. This is an exciting new experience for players around the world.

Against humans

Your true enemy is important to Plague Inc it is the people who fight the disease. So to be able to calculate the time of disease and quickly develop germs is not easy at all. Note that humans always know how to fight off diseases and discover the drugs needed to fight off the virus quickly. So you have to have a perfect strategy if you want to infect germs for the whole world.

Many different levels of play

Basically, Plague Inc is built with 3 different difficulty levels to help players can experience the game from simple to complex. Remember that the higher the degree of difficulty, the higher the ability of people to prevent and treat diseases. Which makes the process of spreading your disease difficult. The first thing a player does when they first experience the game is to choose an appropriate disease to develop the pathogen. Each of which will have completely different characteristics to help you easily select.

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At the Easy level, no one in the world will wash their hands after eating, working, etc., doctors are lazy to research and patients are free to interact with people. Therefore, the disease spread of players will take place extremely smoothly, and without too many obstacles. On the Medium level, two-thirds of humanity have their hands washed. Researchers and healers work only three days a week and patients are completely isolated from the outside world. In contrast, in Hard mode, most people wash their hands clean, doctors work 24/7 at hospitals. And research centers and patients are locked up or shot to quarantine to minimize the ability to spread disease.


If Plague Inc’s gameplay is making it different from other products in the game market. Graphics is also one of the factors contributing to the success of this game. Most of the details in the game are design relatively detailed. And carefully created for the player to feel the most intuitive from the first experience. Besides, each level in the game is described as completely different and very similar to the actual details.

How to install Plague Inc

Step 1: Download the file Plague Inc_(MOD Unlocked DNA).apk from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Plague Inc_(MOD Unlocked DNA).apk.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Plague Inc MOD APK for Android

Plague Inc is an extremely harmonious combination between the genre of strategy and surreal simulation game, promises to bring you moments of an extremely unique experience. The world map in this game is very well integrated, illustrating the variations of the virus are also quite clear. Along with that, the in-game control system comes with specific instructions. So anyone can quickly grasp how to play the game right from the first experience.

MOD Features:

  • Unlocked All DNA


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