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Stampede Games
Update OnAugust 31, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Get ready for a creative adventure in the beautiful 3D fantasy world of Evo Explores APK. It is a puzzle game with mysterious block patterns waiting for you to solve. Rotate the 3D blocks your way to the perfect passage and uncover the strange planet’s story.

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Introduce about Evo Explores

Evo Explores – Explore a vivid 3D world with unique structures

Evo Explores is an adventure puzzle game, very similar to Monument Valley. It is built on geometric spatial puzzles and includes an extremely rich level system. Each level is a different map for you to explore. You will solve the puzzle with your hands but the solution is from your eyes.

Evo Explores

This game by the publisher Stampede Games will challenge gamers in many 3D blocks with strange shapes. They must solve their mysteries to expand their journey. Although it is a paid game, many gamers have downloaded the game and tried it. If you want to play it for free, simply download the game to your phone via the link in this article.

Check your eyes

By joining the game, players will become Evo, a tiny astronaut with a desire to explore the entire universe. He went through many places and ended up on the planet Byte, which has the strangest structure. Behind the beauty of the excellent 3D blocks are mysterious stories about its history and the lives of its inhabitants. You will become part of their journey to discover them and help the planet regain its former vitality.

The task of the gamer is to solve puzzles in 3D space. They are built from unique mechanics and can be rotated to many angles. Gamers need to rotate the block in different ways to find the way to the end. Mistakes are inevitable but every player interaction has its own meaning. Tap into mysterious passages and activate a staircase to go further or rotate the cube north or south to see everything inside it. You have to rely on the power of your eyes and your imagination to decipher it all.

Challenge yourself on more and more difficult levels

Evo Explores’ level system is getting more and more difficult to inspire gamers. Each level has its own beauty and many interesting secrets are always waiting for you to discover. Take the initial time to get used to the gameplay and learn your lessons. Then apply that in later more difficult levels. Although the levels are not the same, they all share certain puzzle rules. This is the basis for you to go further in your journey to explore the planet Byte.

Various and unique maps

You will find many extremely unique and creative maps beyond your imagination in Evo Explores. They are simply 3D blocks suspended in a soft color space. But they have something really eye-catching, classic, and mysterious beauty, making gamers curious. They appear on each separate level but keep the same rules for you to decipher. Tap and rotate at will to find the exit to the next wonder.

Besides, each map will show a distinct style. Some show a peaceful, serene beauty, while others are colorful or dignified and mysterious. Each player will have different preferences but will definitely find an option that works for them. But best, you should try them all to discover beauty from many different perspectives and senses.

Simple and exquisite 3D graphics

The attraction of Evo Explores is partly thanks to its graphics. The 3D blocks with strange and unique architecture are designed on the background with soft colors, highlighting the subject. The design of the blocks is also very meticulous and precise, thereby creating detailed and intuitive blocks on the screen. Moreover, melodious music is always by your side every time you play. It will lead you to a strange planet with intoxicating beauty, making you feel like you’re lost in paradise.

How to install Evo Explores

Step 1: To download Evo Explores MOD APK at Modded-1, please click on the link in this article and download it.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it right after the installation is finished. It is free to play and includes an amazing MOD feature from us.

Download Evo Explores APK for Android

Evo Explores will be a great choice for you to play puzzles in the most different way. It’s not the colorful match-3 levels you’re used to. It is a journey for you to discover art blocks with the power of your eyes. Think of ways to rotate blocks to find your way and thereby uncover all the mysteries of the 3D planet. This is a unique and refreshing experience that allows you to unleash all your imagination and creativity. Try it now, it is free to download and install here.

Features MOD:

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