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Pride Games
Update OnDecember 8, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Become an assassin in the game Monster Killer Pro, to participate in the most intense gun battles right on your phone. Download the MOD free version at MODDED-1, to get extremely attractive deals.

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Introduce about Monster Killer Pro


Do you know Van Gogh, an anonymous with the name Jack the Ripper – serial killer in Victorian London? Join Monster Killer Pro, players will have the opportunity to encounter him and countless legendary killers. The violent gun battles like in the famous Hitman or Archer will be recreated again in this game.

download monster killer pro mod apk

Along with that, the game levels with rich content will be the subject for gamers to explore and conquer. Lots of enemies, including humans, monsters, and giant Bosses, are ready to fight the most powerful heroes. Are you one of them? Experience the game now to get the answers.


The plot of Monster Killer Pro is one of the topics that are loved by numerous players and commentators. It recreates the setting of the city of London in the 19th century, the Victorian period is slowly fading. So, when participating in the game, gamers can immerse themselves in a vivid realism in London, wander through the narrow street corners and enjoy the vibrant city space.

However, that’s just the outside of the place. When night falls, the space becomes quiet and dark, along with the appearance of bad guys and dangerous monsters. They exist under the protection of the dark forces and only wake up at night. With all kinds of mysterious powers, they constantly destroy everything, kill people and make the city gradually decay. Stop this now, it is your duty.


The mission of each player in Monster Killer Pro is to destroy all monsters in each level to protect the life of the people of London city. Players will participate in battles and fight enemies with guns, skills, experience, and luck. They must complete requirements in each level in order to unlock new levels. After completing a certain number of levels, players can unlock a new chapter to continue their journey.

Initially, you will be taken to a certain location. There are a number of obstacles, traps, and enemies here. They are not only monsters with strange shapes but also gangs, gangsters, and legendary murderers. Destroy all of them before being attacked to death. Your fate is up to you.


Monster Killer Pro offers a system of different types of monsters with unique skills and powers. Some monsters can run very fast, some can attack at close range, some can shoot fast or shoot with large ammo. Moreover, over time, the types of monsters have tended to be strengthened, especially HP increase.

Because the difficulty will increase, players also need to upgrade their skills and combat experience as soon as possible. Not all monsters are the same, so prepare combat plans that are suitable for each enemy. This will help you take the initiative in each battle. If not, you will quickly become prey for the series of bloodthirsty monsters.


During the battle, players will get help from the power of items and equipment. These include rings, weapons, protective rings, pets, and armor. Each of the aforementioned types of equipment will help your character become more powerful thanks to an increase in attack or defense stats. Besides, players can also upgrade equipment to increase the abilities that they bring. This requires a lot of rubies, materials, and a certain number of levels the player must pass. So, please consider upgrading.


Monster Killer Pro possesses an extremely simple control mechanism for the mobile platform. Just drag in the indicated direction to move the character and release to shoot bullets at the enemy. In addition, a number of other function buttons are also visually displayed on the screen. Note, each character will have a certain amount of HP displayed at the top and it can change within each level. When HP reaches 0, your character will completely collapse, and you will start the fight all over again.


Monster Killer Pro is carefully invested in graphics, contributing to the experience with beautiful quality. The game possesses a 3D graphics platform, details in the game are quite sharp, vivid colors, and quite diverse background. The highlight of the game is the context with a dark background, which helps other images stand out and easily create attraction. Besides, the characters in the game also have unique styles and smooth movements.

How to install Monster Killer Pro

Step 1: Download the Monster Killer Pro version (APK or MOD) from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on the mobile devices.

Step 3: Install Monster Killer Pro_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the installation is finished.

Download Monster Killer Pro MOD APK for Android

Monster Killer Pro is a new game, released by Pride Games – a not-famous producer. However, with their careful investment and efforts, this game still deserves to be one of the best action games in the present. Not only in the gameplay and storyline, but the game also possesses optimal controls and a high-end graphics platform. In addition, chapters with new content and graphics, and sound quality are also regularly updated and improved. So, please rest assured to enjoy a great product. Your journey has just begun.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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