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Update OnAugust 21, 2022
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Adding information to photos will make your work more artistic. Especially it is very useful to store memorable moments according to the time and location where the photo was born. Timestamp Camera Pro will help you do that easily. This is a dedicated application to add any useful information to your photos.

Note: You can also refer to some applications with similar functions such as Video Watermark or Video Maker.

Introduce about Timestamp Camera Pro

Timestamp Camera Pro – Tool to support attaching necessary information to photos and videos

Have you ever thought about adding labels to photos or videos to clearly describe what you want to convey? Surely everyone has done it at least once with their photos or videos. Although it is one of the pretty basic features of mobile devices, if you want to add more advanced information, you need the help of a dedicated application.


And Timestamp Camera Pro will be the perfect choice for the time being. Basically, this is a product from Bian Di. They are a publisher with many years of experience in the field of developing applications that support the creation of photos and videos on mobile platforms. With this application, you can easily add any information to your photo. Typically time, location, map, and more. Note, Timestamp Camera Pro is a paid app. You will have to spend about 5$ per download through Google Play.

Support automatic information insertion

Timestamp Camera Pro will make it easy for users to access right from the first use. As long as you select the available date and time insert feature, the application will rely on the time on the device to display the appropriate time information directly. Location is the same, you just need to select the location item and allow the application to access the location on the device to get the most accurate location information. Moreover, this application provides 7 different ways of displaying information on the content. They include the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, etc. So you can put the information in the most suitable locations for viewing easily.

Insert a variety of content and customize

Not only allow inserting the current location and time, but Timestamp Camera Pro also allows users to choose a lot of different things. Specifically, you can insert short, arbitrarily long text or even emoticons quickly. Besides, this application also supports inserting logos directly into photos or videos with just a few basic operations.

After successful customization, do not forget to customize how the content is displayed to best suit. Timestamp Camera Pro offers a lot of different customizations such as font, size, thickness, aspect ratio, photo mode, etc. All are available in this application for users to personalize information. according to your will.

Integrated camera system

If the main camera of the device does not satisfy you, try using the camera system available in Timestamp Camera Pro. Of course, the way it works will be similar to normal photography applications and depends on the hardware specifications of the main camera. But some built-in algorithms will allow the image quality to become better and more outstanding.

What’s more, the ability to shoot directly through the app helps you see more detailed information on the screen. From there, you can observe things in real-time and make some changes to how the content is displayed right away. The arising of various problems will be solved as soon as possible to save your usage time. If you are a new user, don’t worry too much. Just perform a few simple steps, you will be guided enthusiastically right at the first use.

Lots of other outstanding features

Within the scope of an article, we cannot fully cover the useful features of this application. Therefore, you have to explore on your own to get a better understanding. Here are some of the most popular basic features:

  • Built-in powerful battery saving mode
  • Support mute sound when taking pictures
  • Improve device camera resolution
  • Supports video recording in the highest resolution
  • Built-in slow-motion mode
  • Save photos and videos directly to your device’s memory or SD card
  • Simple interface, easy to use for newbies
  • Change effects, switch cameras when recording movies or taking photos

How to install Timestamp Camera Pro

Step 1: Download the Timestamp Camera Pro (APK or MOD) version officially developed by MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions. Tap the app’s icon to use it immediately.

Download Timestamp Camera Pro APK for Android

Timestamp Camera Pro is one of the extremely convenient tools that you should use right now. In addition to features that support advanced information insertion, this application also allows users to create the highest resolution artwork. It’s like a “one in all” app, so you should try using it to give the most accurate review. If the normal version of this application is not enough to bring outstanding features, the Pro version will fully meet all the needs of users.

Features MOD:

  • Extra/Paid


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