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Update OnJuly 2, 2022
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
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RequiresAndroid 4.1
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GFX Tool MOD APK is a tool to help you customize the game configuration for a smoother and sharper experience without lag. So, if you have a game that is too heavy to play, try this application immediately to enjoy it right away.

Note: You can refer to many other applications such as GFX Tool for PUBG and X8 Speeder on Modded-1.com.

Introduce about GFX Tool

GFX Tool – Optimize game configuration to play faster and smoother

Currently, the configuration of most mobile phones can run many games on the market. However, there are still some games that are too heavy to work on your phone or often lag while playing. Then, GFX Tool will be an effective tool to help you solve this problem. How does it? It helps to optimize the game configuration to be compatible with your phone. From there, you can play games smoothly on your phone so that the fun is never interrupted.

GFX Tool

Currently, this application has attracted millions of users around the world. It is free to install from Google Play and at Modded-1. But with the MOD APK file here, you can own the Pro version of the app. It includes many advanced customization features to give gamers a better experience when playing games. But if you don’t have in-depth needs, the basic customization features of this app are enough for you.

When do you need GFX Tool?

When using any application, you must also determine what you will use it for. Besides, out of so many options, which tool is the best fit for your needs? As for GFX Tool, people can use it in many different situations. For example, if you love a certain game but it often lags and the graphics are too high, you can use this tool. Or when playing games with low graphics, you may also need it to upgrade the quality of game graphics.

So, this app is a must for every player. Entertainment with mobile games is no longer a strange thing, so you may need to use it often. Besides, it is a simple tool that anyone can use easily. Simply tap the screen to adjust the game’s graphics stats for any game on your phone. Then re-enter the game and enjoy it with a smoother experience and no lag. This app currently gets 4.7 out of 5 user reviews, so we believe it’s the best choice for you right now.

In-depth customization of the game’s stats

So, how can you optimize the game configuration? First, you will need to access “About” to see the configuration of your phone, then proceed to customize the following indicators accordingly:

Resolution: This index represents the sharpness and detail of the image in the game, so the higher the better. However, users need to set it lower than the phone’s resolution, up to the same but not higher.

Graphics: There are 7 levels of graphics to customize, but depending on the phone configuration, users can choose different levels. The lowest level is So Smooth for a smooth level at a good level. The highest level is HDR for better-looking images than ever before.

FPS: This metric indicates the frame rate per second. The higher it is, the smoother and more responsive the image movement in the game will be. However, users should also only set it to less than or equal to the phone’s FPS.

In addition, GFX Tool has many other customization capabilities such as Style, Shadow, Graphics API, and more. Users can save their customizations to use for many different games without having to customize them again.

Simple interface, easy to use

The sole task of GFX Tool is to customize the game configuration to suit the user’s phone. Therefore, all indicators to customize are displayed on a single screen in the “GFX” section. Users simply click on each metric and select the appropriate level. Besides, to remember the settings, just tick the corresponding box. If you want to see your phone’s configuration, you can access the “About” section right next to “GFX”. In general, there are only a few operations like that. So users only need to take a few seconds to customize, then enter the game and enjoy it right away.

How to install GFX Tool

Step 1: The APK MOD file path of GFX Tool is displayed below the article. Tap the version you want to use to download.

Step 2: Click the Install button on the screen to install the application to the device after the download is complete.

Step 3: The application’s icon will be displayed seemingly on the main screen after successful installation. Tap it to use the app quickly.

Note: You need to uninstall all other versions of GFX Tool before downloading the app from our website (if available).

Download GFX Tool MOD APK for Android

If you are having game configuration problems, GFX Tool will help you solve them quickly. In just a few steps, users can customize the parameters for the game configuration, helping to optimize the gaming experience on the phone. Any game can run on your phone smoothly. No lag, no wait, and always responsive. That’s the best feeling when playing games, isn’t it? This tool will help you remove all barriers to enjoying the entertainment you expect.

Features MOD:

  • Pro Unlocked


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