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SmartTube Next
Update OnJanuary 31, 2023
MOD FeaturesMany Features
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Version16.93 Stable
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SmartTube Next MOD APK is a Youtube video viewing application for the Android TV platform. You can watch videos for free, without ads, and with the best video quality.

Note: You can refer to many other applications such as VideoBuddy and iQIYI Video on Modded-1.com.

Introduce about SmartTube Next

SmartTube Next – A more convenient version of Youtube

Right from the moment, we learned about SmartTube Next, we asked the question: What makes this application different from Youtube? Because really these two applications are similar in features, interface, and usage. And then we had the answer. SmartTube Next is a more optimized version of Youtube when you use it on your phone or TV. It has a better and more convenient user interface. It provides YouTube videos to watch without ads. You don’t need to wait 15 seconds or even 5 seconds to skip annoying ads. Just select the video and you can watch it right away.

SmartTube Next

Besides, this application is better than Youtube in many other aspects. We will explore them together in the following sections now. Note, the application is available to download the MOD APK version for the Android platform on your phone or TV. You can enjoy it without any charge.

Search and watch videos for free

Coming to SmartTube Next, users can search for videos on all topics, just like when they watch on Youtube. They can do that by typing video titles or keywords in the search bar or selecting videos from recommendations, highlights, and more. To view more videos in categories, simply swipe left or right. Or you can also use voice to quickly search within a note. After searching, click to choose the video you like best and watch it in many quality options. In which, the best video quality is up to 4K.

And the special thing that makes the brand of this application is that you will watch videos for free and without advertising. Watching it for free can be too ordinary because it is inherently available on Youtube. But no ads are a useful feature, helping users remove all the hassles when watching videos. Thus, it shortens the time not creating value for users, helping them immediately enjoy the desired content. Content includes music, movies, news, beauty videos, or anything else. The content repository is super-rich and regularly updated.

Many options in the menu

The content of SmartTube Next will be divided into several categories by topic. Users can see them in the menu, including “Gaming”, “News”, “Music”, and more. This feature is also available on Youtube, but in this application, the menu is more neatly arranged and more convenient in the left corner of the screen. In addition, it also provides a Playlist creation feature, which helps users create their own library to play only their favorite content. Besides, it also has a “History” section to view the played content.

Interact and personalize the experience

Regarding the ability to interact with videos, this application is not inferior to Youtube. It allows users to like/dislike, share, comment on each video. They also easily subscribe to any channel to follow videos of their favorite topics or add any video to their personal playlist. Therefore, users can both interact with the content in the application and easily customize and personalize their experience. Thanks to that, it is always convenient to use SmartTube Next.

Thus, anyone can easily use the application for many different purposes. Kids can watch animated playlists, young people can watch playlists of music, games, movies, and more. Thanks to that, this application will well serve the needs of every member of your family. Just with it, you can keep people happy with lots of free entertainment.

Support multiple languages

Currently, the application is supported in many popular languages including English, Danish, Russian, and many more. Thanks to that, it can reach many users around the world, especially with the English version. But users can switch between multiple languages in the settings.

Optimal interface design

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When using Youtube on a phone or TV, users may feel inconvenience from the interface design. But with SmartTube Next, the disadvantages have been partially overcome with a new and optimized interface. Its main color is blue, instead of red like on Youtube’s interface, making it comfortable for the eyes to watch. The menu options are set up on the left side of the screen instead of in the top center like on Youtube, so searching is also faster. Videos will display horizontally instead of vertically, so users can easily see all the content in each item on the screen. In general, it has many changes compared to Youtube and this makes it popular.

How to install SmartTube Next

Step 1: Click the link at the end of this article to download SmartTube Next MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”.

Step 3: Wait a bit for the installation to complete. After that, the icon of the application will appear on the screen and you just need to click to open it and use it right away.

Download SmartTube Next MOD APK for Android

Although not comparable to Youtube, SmartTube Next still has its own advantages. It has a better user interface and is more suitable for phones and TVs. It also has a rich repository of content from Youtube, neatly organized for easy search. Users also easily create playlists to filter viewing content. And especially, no ads and completely free is the real strength of this application.

Features MOD:

  • Many Features


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