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SHOWTIME APK is the world’s leading online movie-watching application. Surely you are no stranger to this application, but you may not know all about it. Through this application, you can watch movies anytime, anywhere thanks to the huge library of movies available. First, you should learn more about this app through this article.

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Introduce about SHOWTIME

SHOWTIME – Application to watch movies online with high quality

This application is built and developed by the publisher Showtime Digital Inc. They are a subsidiary of Showtime Networks Inc incorporated in California. Currently, you can use it on any platform, from Android, iOS to PC, and on a web browser. Besides, this application owns a treasure of extremely unique movies that no other application can compare. You can find from popular content to exclusive content only at SHOWTIME movies.


SHOWTIME has reached more than 5 million installs on Google Play and has a huge number of members. It won the hearts of a large number of users thanks to the most unique collection of movies and shows. You can search and watch a wide range of popular movies, documentaries, shows, to exclusive content created by SHOWTIME and third parties. You can watch it in full just by downloading this app to your device now.

Lots of good content

I can confirm that you can find the best SHOWTIME movies quickly. The treasure of this application contains millions of movies and shows with a wide range of topics, from Life, Horror, cartoons, action movies, stand-up comedy shows to international competitions. Moreover, this application is constantly updated with new content. Therefore, it is suitable for all users from children to the elderly, for both men, women, and the third gender.

Besides, the movies on this app have various subtitles when you watch them with a membership. This makes it easy for viewers around the world to enjoy movies endlessly. Nothing stands in the way of you watching what you want on SHOWTIME. Besides, you can also connect this app with other smart devices to be able to enjoy more content on a bigger screen.

Watch movies offline and online

Of course, when watching movies on your phone, you need the Internet and a mobile device with SHOWTIME installed. Even if you watch on a web browser, you still need a stable internet connection for you to watch movies comfortably. However, you can watch movies even without an internet connection, as long as you have downloaded the movie to your device. This allows you to enjoy movies at any time. Of course, you need to ensure that the device is connected to the internet during the process of downloading movies to the device.

No ads and simple registration

SHOWTIME does not insert any ads while you watch the movie. Because it clearly understands that this is annoying to the viewer. This is the great advantage of this application compared to all other applications of the same genre. Just download it on your Android and iOS devices. Then register/login to your account and enjoy the movie right away. If you are using it for the first time, of course, you will go through the payment step. But it’s very simple.

Project images to intermediate devices

As mentioned above, SHOWTIME is available on quite a few platforms at the moment. Therefore, you can easily download and install this application on various devices. Just a few simple steps, everything is set up, from which the presentation of images will become much easier. The process of projecting images on devices with larger screens will help users increase the experience when enjoying the content they want. Besides, the picture and sound quality will remain the same compared to the original device.

Visual design

You must be familiar with the typical colors on the interface of SHOWTIME, right? It is designed with two main colors, black and red. These tones make content including posters, movie info, and user reviews and comments stand out. Besides, the operation on the screen is also very simple. Enter the movie name you like in the “Search” box, press “OK” and all the most suitable suggestions will appear right on the screen. With data about your search history on SHOWTIME, it will recommend you more content you like.

How to install SHOWTIME

  • First, you need to make sure that your device has never downloaded SHOWTIME through the App Store or Google Play (if so, delete it).
  • Download the version SHOWTIME (Original APK) at Modded-1.com.
  • After the download is complete, click the Install button.
  • Finally, the app icon will show up on the main screen when the installation is complete. You just need to tap on it to enjoy the app instantly.

Download SHOWTIME APK for Android

In short, SHOWTIME is the movie streaming app everyone should have on their phones. It is no coincidence that this application has reached more than 5 million installs on Google Play. That’s not to mention App Store installs and web browser searches. It owns the most unique movie treasure in many topics, suitable for all types of users. Besides, when you sign up for an account, you can watch movies without limits, without ads, and of the highest quality. That is a feature that not all applications today can do. So it’s the best now, isn’t it?

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