Introduce about APK & APKs files and how to fix errors

As you know, the .exe file on Windows operating system is extremely widely used to install software for PC or Laptop devices easily. The Android operating system is similar to that. APK files on the Android operating system are used to install software on the system, thereby enabling smartphone or tablet devices to quickly install applications without going through the Google Play online store.

So, what is an APK file? How to install the APK file on Android devices? Perhaps these are the questions of the majority of users in the present time. Therefore, let us refer to this article to get the most accurate answer offline.

Overview of APK files

1. What is the APK file?

You may not know, APK is an abbreviation for “Android application package” – one of the most used file types on mobile platforms. Similar to .exe or Zip files on Windows operating systems, APK files on Android operating systems are widely used to install software on the system.

2. Why install an APK file on an Android device?

APK files are integrated on most Android devices at the moment so that users can easily access and experience all the exciting new features that are not available on your system.

Besides, when installing, the APK file also supports users to access a limited number of applications in their area. This means you can use any application you want via the APK file.

In addition, the APK file also allows users to easily download the latest version of Google updates to their device. And if your Android phone lacks access to the Google Play Store, APK files may be the only option for you to install apps on your device.

However, users need to be very careful if they do not want to download and use “stealing” applications. In fact, some APK services allow you to download unlicensed applications.

3. What do you know about APKs format?

After the release of Android App Bundles – the new format of Google Play makes it impossible for users to share APK files as before. Instead of the arrival of APKs, it will solve your needs quickly and not inferior to ordinary APK files.

Remember that APKs cannot be installed in the normal way like APK. Therefore, users need to use from a third party to be able to install APKs on their device.

Some common errors

1. “Application not installed” error

This is one of the most common errors when installing an application via an APK file, please take each of the following measures to be able to fix it simply:

If you encounter this error, you are probably installing another version of the application that you are intending to install it. Please remove it before proceeding with the installation.

It may also be because the Play Protect feature is enabled, turn off Play Protect and start the installation again.

This error occurs often because your device does not support this APK file. Therefore, try with other APK files before making a final conclusion.

Try rebooting your device if you’ve done all of the above and don’t fix the problem.

2. Error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

This error does not often appear like the “application not installed” error as above. However, it often happens to OBB apps, which means you may have forgotten to download OBB for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Note: When you copy OBB to the correct location on the memory and still get an error, try to install the original version from Google first. Next, uninstall and reinstall with APK / OBB downloaded from our Website to feel the effect.

Above are some tips as well as basic information about the APK file. Hopefully, it will help you in using applications or games through the APK file.


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