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Update OnNovember 24, 2021
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XCOM 2 Collection APK is a top-notch strategy game that was just released on the game market. Accordingly, players will enjoy fierce battles between humans and evil aliens. Are you ready to be an important part of this battle?

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Introduce about XCOM 2 Collection

XCOM 2 Collection – Exploit the never-ending battle between humans and aliens

You may not know, XCOM 2 Collection is inspired by the famous game of the same released on February 1, 2018, on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Steam, Xbox One platforms. The first part of XCOM appeared in 1994, then had on many different platforms for easy access to players. Therefore, the appearance of the XCOM 2 Collection on the mobile platform promises to fully meet the expectations of players around the world.

download xcom 2 collection apk

Especially, XCOM 2 Collection is officially released by Feral Interactive (A famous publisher for strategy games). If you are using mobile devices, you can download the game through Google Play to experience it quickly. Download the Original APK version of XCOM 2 Collection at MODDED-1 for free, for the best experiences of 2021.

Continuation of the previous story

The story in XCOM 2 Collection is built on the development of previous versions. More specifically, players will be able to see the context of the earth being invaded by aliens. They rule the earth by principles, new laws, promising to bring a bright future for all mankind. However, the most optimist can also know that these are just living promises and will never come true.

At the edge of the world, the laws of the aliens cannot be covered. The scattered XCOM forces gather in order to protect humanity, create a global resistance, and take back the planet. Not only that, this game comes with all the content never on PC, including expansion packs like War is Chosen. That’s also why there’s the word Collection behind this game. Accordingly, players only need to download the APK version below the article to be able to enjoy the full content.

Implement guerrilla warfare

In this game, the player will still be the leader of an organization with the task of protecting the Earth from aliens. This means that you both order your team members (squads) on the battlefield while researching to create the best equipment. That equipment can be new equipment, weapons, technology, or upgrade items to help warriors become stronger in wars.

download xcom 2 collection apk full

The battle operation mechanism in XCOM 2 Collection also remains. Thereby, players need to understand the hit-n-run rule to be able to win against the opponent. Specifically, the number of guys in each battle will be extremely large and overwhelm your army. Therefore, attacking directly would be no different from surrendering to the enemy. In general, the only way to win is to practice guerrilla warfare, attack, and hide to destroy each enemy piece.

Recruit new warriors

XCOM 2 Collection allows players to recruit more warriors to serve in long battles. In which each warrior class has its own skills and abilities. For example, the Grenadier class can use explosives and grenades while the Ranger will have short-range weapons such as swords. Besides, do not forget to upgrade the equipment for your soldiers by researching and upgrading in the base area.

Perform assigned tasks

To win, and save the world in the XCOM 2 Collection, players don’t have to do just one battle. Instead, you will have to perform each assigned task, in turn, to get close to the goal you want. After completing all the requirements in a battle, the player will receive the loot corresponding to his achievement.

download xcom 2 collection mod apk

Furthermore, another new feature in the XCOM 2 Collection is the Avatar Program. This is an alien research project that evolves itself over time. If the player does not stop and let this project complete, he will also incur automatic losses, and receive defeat in the wars he participates in.

Realistic graphics, super beautiful

The graphics quality of the XCOM 2 Collection is good with the built-in 3D format. Thanks to that, all the details in the game are very vivid, successfully depicting the scene of fierce battles. Details such as aliens, constructions, etc. all show the required modernity. Thereby bringing players to a vivid and very realistic future world context. What more could you expect in terms of graphics from a game like XCOM 2 Collection?

How to install XCOM 2 Collection

Step 1: Download the official (APK + OBB) version of XCOM 2 Collection at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device.

Step 3: Extract the file “OBB File” => Move the file “com.feralinteractive.xcom2_android.zip” to the Android/Obb folder.

Step 4: Open the XCOM 2 file Collection_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 5: Follow the instructions on the main screen, wait for the installation of “XCOM 2 Collection” to complete 100%.

Download XCOM 2 Collection APK for Android

Compared to previous versions, the pace of battles in the XCOM 2 Collection is faster. Therefore, players need to perform hit-n-run operations continuously if they want to complete the tasks. The structure of the missions in the game is also different from previous versions because this is the first time. XCOM 2 Collection offers secondary quests for the player to work through gradually until the main quest is completed. Download this strategy game now to your device to explore.

Features MOD:

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Hoàng Dương
Hoàng Dương

I can’t run xcom 2 on my poco f1. It always pop up the “there was a problem validating the game license”. Can you fix it please?

Reply to  MODDED-1.COM

What? What do you mean with 99%? Do I need to install the APK to 99% then close it and install it again ?

Odin Rothschild
Odin Rothschild
Reply to  MODDED-1.COM

Wdym install on GGP? Doesnt that mean i need to purchase the game and go here to download a modded apk with potential harm?