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Update OnSeptember 14, 2022
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WBF:World Battle of the Future MOD APK brings the ultimate strategic battles. By joining the game, you will have the opportunity to enjoy intense wars in a post-apocalyptic setting. There are countless weapons and features waiting for you to discover. You need to master them to win all the matches you participate in.

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Introduce about WBF:World Battle of the Future

WBF:World Battle of the Future – Join strategic battles in the apocalypse

Humanity is getting closer to the apocalypse, a time when the monsters of outer space are showing their superior strength. You need to quickly join WBF:World Battle of the Future to help the army on Earth stand up to the waves of the enemy. Accordingly, this is an attractive strategy game that has just been released from the publisher RedRockstudio.

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Your mission will still be the same as other strategy games on the mobile platform. It is showing the great tactical ability to fight other opponents and protect the peace of the Earth. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or App Store to experience it right away. Believe me, you will quickly feel the exciting atmosphere of the fierce battlefields in this game.

Master competitive matches

The matches in WBF:World Battle of the Future will be displayed in a horizontal screen format. And you will have to attack the enemy through the available army system. The system will give you the required amount of resources in each battle, and this number will increase as your army defeats any enemies. You need to use the resources and more powerful combat equipment and warriors.

Each choice will consume a certain amount of resources, not always high-class weapons will help you win. In the initial stage, you should choose low-cost warriors, gradually strengthening your fighting ability by buying more powerful military equipment. Resource management is an extremely important factor to help you win the matches you participate in.

Choose the right game mode

WBF: World Battle of the Future provides players with many attractive game modes that you can freely choose. Each game mode will have a relatively different way of operating, but all revolve around highly tactical battles. Here is some information about the game modes that you may be interested in:

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Company: This mode is similar to the story mode in other games. Here, you will have to participate in many different levels and missions to fight against the overwhelming enemy force. After each stage, you will have the opportunity to explore new lands by participating in more fierce battles.

Survival: It is very difficult to win in this mode because you will face an endless army system coming from enemies. You need to earn as many resources as possible to unlock the most powerful troops and try to survive as long as possible.

Online: This is the place for you to show your leadership skills by participating in intense battles with other opponents around the world. They are both good players but believe me, you just need to come up with the right strategies to win the entire match you participate in.

Unique military units

WBF: World Battle of the Future brings a lot of military units that you need to find out very carefully. Each unit will have a different role and impact on the battle you participate in. For example, Engineer-miner is simply in charge of main resource extraction, Flame Thrower is a unit capable of attacking multiple enemies at once, Robot-Shagohod possesses powerful armor and laser combat, and more. You need to make the best unit choices in each moment to increase your odds of winning in battles.

Stunning 2D graphics

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It’s quite unfortunate that the graphics quality of WBF: World Battle of the Future only stops at basic 2D. But believe me, the battle effects and the contents that appear on the screen will not let you down. You will quickly immerse yourself in the battles and have the opportunity to observe the whole main happenings. From there, make appropriate decisions to add troops to change the battle landscape. Besides, the sound system in the game is also very good and very lively.

How to install WBF:World Battle of the Future

Step 1: Download WBF:World Battle of the Future APK or MOD version from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open unknown sources on your mobile device and give the app full access.

Step 3: Install the file.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete. Click on the icon available on the screen to play the game.

Download WBF:World Battle of the Future APK & MOD for Android

WBF: World Battle of the Future is definitely a strategy game that you cannot ignore at the moment. This is a great opportunity for you to show your tactical ability to win all wars. Although the operation mechanism is relatively easy to understand, it will take you quite a while to complete the entire challenge that this game brings.

Features MOD:

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