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War is a sensitive topic but exploited by many game publishers. LilithGames is one of them, they have developed an extremely attractive war game called Warpath. This game quickly achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play, let us learn about it now.

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Introduce about Warpath

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Warpath is a traditional strategy game, set in the context of World War 2, promising to give players a very realistic experience. In the game, the player’s task is to develop tactics and lead his army to win as many victories as possible. As mentioned above, this game just launched not long ago but has quickly achieved over 1 million installs and a lot of positive reviews from players. This partly proves the strong attraction that this game brings in a time when the game market is showing signs of saturation.

Desolate background

The first highlight from Warpath is that the context in the game is built very realistically compared to the original. Join the game, you will see an extremely devastating scene – a common feature of the wars in the previous century. The dictatorship has taken over the entire world in the present moment, making the survivors think that the strongest is allowed to exist.

This causes constant wars to break out with the aim of removing all the weak from the world. As one of the loyal soldiers, you need to stand up to fight and fight this evil dictatorship. Are you ready to save the world? Join Warpath to realize this noble mission now.

Build your own army

The key to winning those battles is to build a powerful army system ready to destroy all enemies. Warpath is also like that, this game requires players to do everything to develop their army. Including building barracks, managing resources, adding buildings, leveling up, unlocking tanks and other vehicles, exploring new lands. Besides, you need to choose infantry, tanks, artillery, tank destroyers, and missile launchers for deployment on the battlefield.

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Your army in this game will be customized between the aforementioned units, each with its own unique characteristics. This allows players to easily change the appropriate tactics in each level to give an advantage over the enemy. You should learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type of army if you want to maximize the strength they possess.

Powerful army customization

The number of troops in this game is extremely diverse, up to 100 units allows players to easily choose. Each unit requires players to complete assigned missions to unlock them, or you can use the money you earn to upgrade the strength of your army. Basically, the tactical factor is relatively important in RTS games like Warpath but not so that you neglect to develop the strength of your army.

This game provides players with the ability to customize a powerful army through disassembly, assembly, weapon upgrades. These upgrades will help your army’s firepower increase dramatically per battle. Remember, the more you upgrade, the more resources you will spend.

PvP mode

If you are bored with the normal campaign mode, try experiencing PvP mode with other players around the world. This mode allows players to become allies with another player to fight against enemies, thereby expanding their own territory. Overall, this mode is quite suitable for those who love exploring large-scale battles throughout the game experience.

Besides, you can also choose to fight independently with other opponents in real-time. This means that you will be alone, and will not have any other help. Therefore, make meticulous battle plans to increase the odds of victory.

Content innovates continuously

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Basically, the plot of Warpath will change continuously after each game screen to help players always feel the excitement of the experience. The content in this game has many different chapters, you will discover them in the battles that you participate in through the dialogue of the characters. Besides, when unlocking new battles, you will discover many new conversations in fierce battles.

Graphics are good enough

Warpath owns quite good graphics quality with carefully designed details, giving players the atmosphere of intense battles. The battlefield in the game shows all the necessary elements such as dark space, diverse military systems, vivid combat effects, surely you will not feel disappointed from the first-time experience.

How to install Warpath

Step 1: Download the file Warpath (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Tap Install OBB -> Select Warpath OBB (com.wondergames.warpath.gp.zip).

Step 3: Tap the Select install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Warpath APK for Android

Warpath is truly an RTS game worth playing right now. This game allows each person to set up their own strategy in controlling the generals, arranging the formation, arranging resources, and fighting on the battlefield. The PvP battles happen continuously and dramatically, making you think that you will be suffocated in the atmosphere of the battlefield. What are you waiting for? Download the game via the APK link below this article to enjoy the exciting battles it brings right now.

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