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Joystix Limited
Update OnJanuary 25, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.3
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Join the War of Deities and deploy your strategy to conquer mythical lands. You can lead an army of powerful gods to establish the greatest empire with wisdom and strategy. Build a solid base to produce food, resources for combat, train soldiers, upgrade the skills of heroes. All ready to start now.

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Introduce about War of Deities

War of Deities – Build, battle RPG, and explore mythical worlds

War of Deities

War of Deities is a product from the publisher Joystix Limited, classified as a strategy game, suitable for most players. But it’s like a composite version of many popular genres, like RPG, tower defense, and army building. Thanks to that, the gameplay is very rich, combined with the content and the large map to create an endless experience. Gamers can play every day without end, only more and more new content to discover. New characters, new backgrounds, new rewards, and new enemies. All will lead you to endless adventures in the mysterious ancient world.

Form formations to conquer expeditions

This is the main gameplay content of War of Deities. Gamers will play the role of a strategist with incredible military talent. They are responsible for setting up and controlling their army consisting of a commander and many other units of soldiers. Their mission is to conquer real-time battles with the forces of darkness, end them victoriously and establish new rulership over the ancient land. The commanders of the army were powerful gods with great skills. They will bring glory along your way with useful units.

Show your strategy in the selection and arrangement of the squad. Combine one of the gods and infantry, archers to create fortitude defenses and attacks. But you should change your strategy frequently during each expedition. Just touch and drag on the map to lead your strategic army to the most exciting battles. The more intense the battle, the greater the reward. Long-term expeditions will help you collect money and items for later construction and upgrading.

Merge to upgrade troops

During the battle, the player can directly command his army with certain decisions. Touch any target to order an attack, or upgrade a group of troops by merging. Gamers can touch to select a group of similar troops to combine and form a stronger unit. For example, combine infantry to form generals, combine more infantry to summon battle elephants. The power is gradually upgraded, giving you an advantage over the enemy.

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In addition, upgrading should also be done before going to war. Gamers can perform upgrade commanders, that is, the gods are assigned to lead the army. Use your gold wisely to increase their strength and health. A strong commander will be an important factor for gamers to take better steps on the battlefield. But pay attention, each god will have its own characteristics. Therefore, gamers should consider carefully optimizing the selection and upgrade.

Build and train an army

An integral element in a classic strategy game like War of Deities is construction. After intense RPG battles will be a time for recovery and training. Players will need to build facilities to produce food, hospitals to cure diseases, or arenas to train their troops. All are necessary to support the front line, and help improve the player’s market position on the map. Grow your city to the desired level to make all opponents wary, are you ready?

Funny pictures, colorful backgrounds

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The first impression when looking at War of Deities is the fun in the visual design style. Especially in the characters, they possess a unique appearance design, funny expressions, and impressive skill effects. The game scene is equally diverse, spanning many terrains from deep forests to deserts, mountains, valleys, and more. The sound is superb with lively background music and authentic voice acting from the characters. In general, the appearance of the game is quite great, commensurate with the thorough investment inside in gameplay.

How to install War of Deities

Step 1: Search for “War of Deities” at Modded-1.com and click the “Download” link to download the game. Please wait a few seconds for the download button to appear, then just press the button to start downloading immediately.

Step 2: After downloading, install the file.

Step 3: After installation is complete, click on the game icon to open it and enjoy it right away.

Download War of Deities APK for Android

War of Deities will be a hot strategy game in the near future. It is full of attractive elements to provide an engaging experience for every gamer. Well-thought-out strategic gameplay, diverse map backgrounds, unique cast of characters with beautiful visuals, and great sound. What better way to immerse yourself in it all? Set up your squad with powerful gods and soldiers and start conquering the ancient lands now.

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