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Update OnDecember 19, 2022
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Rush Royale APK is a goalkeeping game combined with tactical elements from publisher My.com B.V. First, let’s find out some of the special highlights that this game brings.

Note: You can enjoy some other games from the publisher My.com B.V like Clash Quest or Necromunda: Gang Skirmish.

Introduce about Rush Royale

Rush Royale – Tower Defense game PvP

My.com B.V is a publisher that is too familiar for those who love strategy games on mobile platforms. They have released a lot of games in recent years, and have received a lot of success so far. Rush Royale is the latest game from this publisher, so it receives a lot of attention from the community of players around the world.

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Basically, Rush Royale gives players a familiar tactical defense. But it changed in some aspects that promise to help players feel fresher throughout the experience. Currently, this game is only available on Google Play, so iOS users need to wait a little longer to be able to enjoy it.


Rush Royale offers players a fantasy setting where they will participate in a war between humans and monsters. Of course, you will help humans defeat the monsters that are planning to invade the world, so how to do that? The answer is that you must build defensive towers to prevent attacks coming from the enemy, thereby protecting the peace of the people in the kingdom. The special thing is that the towers in the game will be replaced with images of modern warriors and wizards. Therefore, you will always feel excitement during the game.

Base protection

Rush Royale’s gameplay will not change too much compared to the same genre strategy. The player’s task is to use their warriors appropriately and put them in the right positions to maximize strength. Each warrior or witch in the game will possess a different power and range, so observe carefully before making a final decision.

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The monsters will move in a certain path, so it won’t take you too long to figure out how to destroy them. But later on, the system of monsters will increase defense stats, so if your damage is not enough, you will lose immediately. In general, Rush Royale’s gameplay revolves around defending the base and will repeat throughout the experience.

Hero upgrade

After each battle, the player will receive a certain bonus amount. You can use this money to upgrade your hero to increase the odds of victory in the next battles. Of course, the more you upgrade, the more money is lost. This requires players to play the game regularly to upgrade all the heroes they want. However, you can “burn the stage” by downloading Rush Royale via the APK link below this article.

PvP mode

One of the especially that makes Rush Royale stand out from other games is that it integrates PvP mode. This mode will help players around the world can fight or defend together in battles. If the player chooses to defense, will have to try not to let any enemies get past defenses to win. However, you also need to pray for your opponent to be surpassed by the monster for the battle to end. Defense mode will require both players to protect a certain area together during battle.

Cute graphics

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We felt quite surprised when a strategy game like Rush Royale chose cute graphics for the details inside the battle. But everything was dispelled when the atmosphere of the battles in the game was extremely well represented from the content to the quality of the image. The details are shown in a very funny chibi style, and combat effects are also designed in a very suitable well-designed manner. In addition, the transition effects in the game are also extremely smooth and stable throughout the experience.

New update in Rush Royale

Version 15.0.45690

  • General improvements and bug fixes.

How to install Rush Royale

Before proceeding with Rush Royale installation, you need to ensure that your device does not contain any previous version.

Step 1: Then, click on the APK link below the article to proceed to download the game to the device. (You should choose a stable internet connection for faster download speed).

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the settings button available on the screen.

Step 3: The icon will appear on the main screen after the installation is complete. You just need to touch it to experience this game right away.

Download Rush Royale APK for Android

Rush Royale is really a strategy game that fully meets the needs of the player experience. With familiar gameplay, new game modes, sharp image quality, we firmly believe that you will not be able to take your eyes off the phone screen during the game experience.

Features MOD:

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