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Bivak LLC
Update OnJuly 7, 2022
MOD FeaturesFull Version Unlocked
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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ReFactory MOD APK is a tactical sandbox game where you can get creative with modern constructions to mine resources. Make good use of your automated resources like robots, drones, and more to restore your spaceship. The return date is not far away.

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Introduce about ReFactory

ReFactory – Futuristic strategy game


ReFactory is the debut mobile game from publisher Bivak LLC. This game is now officially available on Google Play with more than 10000 installs. It shows the rapid development of the game even though it was only released not so long ago. In general, the game meets the experience needs of a large number of gamers and strategy game fans. Besides, its advanced graphics also show a thorough and complete investment to bring the experience that every gamer is looking forward to.

Fantasy plot

The game opens with some dialogue between two unidentified characters. They revolve around the incidents on the spaceship and lead to a catastrophic crash afterward. Next, the game opens up a new set when the ship accidentally lands on a strange planet. Fortunately, the crew all survived, but it seems they got lost somewhere. With the above plot, ReFactory has successfully suggested the fictional details set in the future. Original visuals such as spaceships, robots, and pre-programmed dialogues suggest engaging and engaging stories.

Join the game, players will become the artificial intelligence of the spaceship leading in the recent space exploration. Their mission is to restore the broken ship and find teammates to return to the starting point. But this is not easy and it seems like a long journey. So make good use of your time to explore and find your way back home as soon as possible.

Construction and mining are the core

In the new land, players will find many useful resources for ship repair. There are many precious resources available such as copper, wood, iron ore, granite stone, petroleum. They are useful for building equipment and power lines to enhance the performance of machines. But to exploit them, first of all, choose a suitable location and build a base. They are available models with a processing center and pipelines to machines and resources. download refactory apk

Just tap the screen to place your base anywhere on the map. But players need to do it tactically if they want to maximize resource extraction. Over time, they can establish an entire city of many establishments. At that time, they will own a vast land and an entire network of the most advanced factories in the world.

Fight with strange creatures

Not only stopping at construction, but ReFactory also brings more challenges with battles with strange creatures. Since your planet is a mysterious uninhabited place, it’s not uncommon for hundreds of thousands of mutant creatures to appear everywhere. So players need to protect their facilities by mounting battle machines around. Make good use of advanced cannons to repel illegal invasion from the enemy.

Anytime you lack focus, those creatures can destroy important parts of your facility. That will reduce resource extraction efficiency and prolong the recovery time of broken spacecraft. So besides building, pay more attention to guarding and defense.

Technology development

Everything in ReFactory offers a sense of excitement with a high degree of automation. Construction, mining, repair, and maintenance activities are all supported by machines, robots, and artificial intelligence.

However, technologies can become obsolete if you stop improving them. But pay attention, each wrong invention makes gamers pay the price of lag in every process. Therefore, please consider before choosing to change or upgrade something.

2D graphics but impressive

download refactory mod

ReFactory owns a 2D graphics platform but it is enough to make gamers excited. Why? The images in the game are designed with a modern style, typically artificial intelligence icons, and futuristic ships and machines. Besides, the touch effects, transitions are also quite smooth, showing that The vibrancy and charisma in each scene. In addition, the game also integrates a 3rd person perspective from the top. So gamers can easily enjoy the full beauty of the game scene.

How to install ReFactory

Step 1: First, please scroll to the end of this article to find the APK or MOD link of ReFactory. Click on them to download for Android devices.

Step 2: Next, don’t touch install immediately the downloaded file. Please go to “settings” on your device and enable unknown settings.

Step 3: You can then install the ReFactory_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Finally, you can play games on your phone.

Download ReFactory MOD APK for Android

An adventure set in the future takes place in ReFactory. Are you ready to try it? Become the spaceship’s artificial intelligence and perform all operations to restore the ship and find the way back home. You can build a base to exploit resources, upgrade technology, expand territory … to establish your own modern city. It’s great, isn’t it?

Features MOD:

  • Full Version Unlocked


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