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Silverfox Games
Update OnMarch 19, 2023
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Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Show your strategic talent through hexagonal-developed battlefields in Magic Battle Arena APK. This is an epic turn-based battle strategy game that has just launched on the mobile platform. You will take turns participating in battles with thousands of other players with the goal of winning in the end.

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Introduce about Magic Battle Arena

Magic Battle Arena – An impressive hexagonal map battle strategy game

Build your own powerful army of heroes and engage in exciting strategic battles in Magic Battle Arena now. This game will take you to a magical world with many mysterious creatures appearing. The order of the world has also been turned upside down, causing constant wars to take place. You need to quickly gather the strongest heroes to put an end to this situation and restore peace to the magical world.

Besides, the publisher Silverfox Games also brings attractive hexagonal battlefields. Where players will have to show diverse strategic talents to win all matches. They can use skill and reasonable strategy to get rewards, unlock new heroes and conquer colorful PvP and PvE battles. Download Magic Battle Arena via Google Play or APK link below to play it now.

The order of the universe is overturned

The story in Magic Battle Arena is inspired by the event that the order of the universe is completely turned upside down for some reason. This causes all the realms in the universe to be no longer so far apart, regions separated by only a thin crack. So, let’s battle for the right to constantly break out. Any world wants to occupy land rich in resources to develop its area. As one of the great leaders of the universe, what will you do to bring back the peace of the past?

Take part in epic turn-based battles

As a strategy game, Magic Battle Arena requires players to participate in continuous turn-based battles during gameplay. Initially, you need to choose for yourself the most elite squad of outstanding heroes in your world. Accordingly, your task is to make effective moves around the hexagonal battlefield on the screen.

When advancing to a new area, your heroes will automatically attack enemies and the results will be visible immediately. The automatic mechanism will minimize the operations that the player has to perform. Instead, you just need to come up with reasonable combat strategies, calculate the battlefield and think of new ways to combine heroes to achieve the highest efficiency.

Develop new strategies to improve strength

The strategic element is highlighted in Magic Battle Arena. Therefore, you need to develop new strategies regularly if you want to increase your win rate in each battle. First, you need to learn carefully the information about each hero as well as the skills and essential equipment. Then combine these elements effectively to increase the strength of heroes on the battlefield.

Besides, you can also continuously unlock new heroes and upgrade the squad through the loot earned after each match. In some cases, you do not need to approach the enemy to attack but can use magic or superpowers to attack the enemy from a distance. Choose the most suitable heroes for each battle.

Diverse character system

The cast of characters in Magic Battle Arena is quite good with the appearance of many different heroes. Each character has a unique appearance, storyline as well as fighting power. Therefore, you need to consult the information of each hero to combine them in uncompromising battles. There are many hero formations for you to build in this game, each with its own attack combo to help the army become stronger and stronger. Of course, you also need to make rational decisions in certain situations to maximize your power.

Fine-tuned 3D graphics

The battles in the Magic Battle Arena will make you feel impressed through the built-in 3D images. More specifically, players will quickly see beautiful hexagonal maps appearing in many different locations. Also, it has the impressive creation of the heroes along with the colorful skill sets that they bring to the battlefield. Besides the bright graphics, the game’s sound effects are also outstanding, which will definitely bring you a heroic battlefield atmosphere.

How to install Magic Battle Arena

Step 1: Download the APK version of Magic Battle Arena at Modded-1.com by clicking the “Download” link at the bottom of this article.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it on your phone.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, the game icon will be displayed right on the phone screen interface.

Step 4: Click on the Magic Battle Arena icon to open and play it now.

Download Magic Battle Arena APK for Android

Build incredible heroes and discover super-powerful team combos to win all the battles that Magic Battle Arena has to offer. You will have to face many different opponents around the world. But don’t worry, just give reasonable combat strategies so that you can master all the battles you participate in.


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