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Update OnOctober 3, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Hex Polis MOD APK is a strategy game that brings players back to the Middle Ages. You will do everything to build and develop your own kingdom. There will be many enemies appearing near your kingdom. Come up with smart diplomatic strategies to ensure safety or fight them if necessary. Learn more about this game now.

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Introduce about Hex Polis

Hex Polis – A strategy game with an attractive turn-based combat style

Hex Polis

Return to the Middle Ages to build and develop your own kingdom through Hex Polis. This is a typical strategy game where you will come up with reasonable strategies to win the matches you participate in. Before thinking about building a civilization, you need to control everything on the map to ensure that your kingdom is always in a safe state. Accordingly, the publisher NOXGAMES has integrated a lot of interesting content in this game for players to freely explore. Currently, Hex Polis is available on App Store and Google Play allowing players to quickly download and experience it.

Turn-based combat gameplay

Basically, the gameplay of Hex Polis is relatively similar to other strategy games on the mobile game market. The battles in the game are divided into 2 main stages to help players easily access. In the first stage, you will have to choose the troops you want to deploy and place them on the battlefield as reasonably as possible. Then you just have to wait and watch the battle between your army and the enemy play automatically until it is over.

Before starting a new control turn, you need to wait for your opponent to move, and so on until either team destroys the opponent’s base. Remember that in the middle of each battle, you will be allowed to use the money you have collected to buy new characters or upgrade existing troops to increase their strength quickly. In general, the player’s tactical factor directly affects the outcome of the matches.

Extremely intense mind battles

Hex Polis is a game that requires players to use their thinking and creativity if they want to defeat other opponents in intense battles. You don’t need to be too agile. In this game, you will have to study your squad carefully to be able to maximize the power that each character brings.

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The game offers quite a few options to arrange combat positions so players can freely develop their tactics. Depending on the situation, you should change the position of your formation continuously in each match if you do not want to be caught by your opponent and neutralize your attacks. What are you waiting for? Join Hex Polis now to show your talent by making your army the champion in every battle.

Explore new lands

After each battle, players will have the opportunity to explore new lands to build new civilizations. Hex Polis offers players a lot of land with their own characteristics, so you will always enjoy the experience. Of course, unlocking the entire land appearing in this game requires players to come up with reasonable tactics in each battle. At the same time, you must know how to make the most of the power of the heroes to increase the winning rate.

Many heroes to collect

The hero system in Hex Polis is also very diverse with many choices for players. You can refer to a number of heroes such as archers, sailors, dragons, crusaders, and many more. Each hero will have unique fighting skills and advantages. You should choose wisely in each situation to defeat your opponent quickly. Besides, a farmer will bring more money in battles, and you need to make the right decisions at every turn.

Fancy and bright 3D graphics

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It can be seen that the way the graphic design in Hex Polis is also developed relatively vividly based on the 3D platform. Thanks to that, the details are designed very carefully and elaborately in terms of images to bring vividness but no less attractiveness in battles. The images of the characters or buildings in the game show their own uniqueness in terms of appearance, promising to make you feel excited. Overall, this game possesses extremely beautiful graphics quality and does not have too much to criticize.

How to install Hex Polis

Step 1: Search for “Hex Polis” at Modded-1.com and click the “Download” link to download the game. Please wait a few seconds for the download button to appear, then you can just press the button to start downloading right away.

Step 2: After downloading, install the file.

Step 3: After installation is complete, click on the game icon to open and enjoy immediately.

Download Hex Polis MOD APK for Android

Hex Polis is an extremely interesting strategy game that promises to bring players memorable experiences. Although there are many similarities with turn-based strategy games, we firmly believe that Hex Polis will still be a suitable choice for many players. Besides, you can also download the MOD version provided by us below to easily complete the assigned challenges.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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