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Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok APK is an attractive strategy game for you to show your leadership talent. You join the game as a strategist, tasked with gathering legendary heroes to fight Loki’s army and his ambitions. You can travel through the world of myths and the most unique civilizations, and can even join a guild to gain the support and companionship of many online friends.

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Introduce about Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok

Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok – Building a new civilization after Ragnarok

Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok

This game is a strategy game inspired by the Marvel movie Thor. It will bring you a lot of interesting content built in the magical mythological setting that you have seen in the original movie. However, the gameplay of the game is significantly shortened so that everyone can easily access it on the phone. Gamers will build their empire and watch wars and hero images on the vertical screen with 2D design. Everything is minimalistic but still retains intense attraction. If you are looking for such a game, do not hesitate to download the game right away and enjoy it now.


The game’s events take place after Ragnarok when the Asgard civilization seems to have completely collapsed. Loki and the other evil gods have built a mighty army to stop the progress of many gods in rebuilding this mythical civilization. While the gods were all dismayed, they needed someone to stand up to rebuild the empire and restore the balance of Asgard after the destruction. The era of peace has ended, now is the time of war with the hottest wars surrounding the mythical country of the god. And you are the leader of these wars to repel the enemy and find freedom and prosperity again.

Gather mythical heroes for wars

To be ready for the wars with Loki’s mighty army, gamers will have to form a strategic squad of the most powerful gods from Thor, Odin, Zeus, Poseidon to Osiris, Hercules, Venus, and more. Each god has different strength and has separate basic stats including HP, ATK, DEF. Besides, each person has their own set of skills and the ability to use unique weapons in every fight. Gamer’s task is to realize their potential, unlock the right gods and assemble them into the perfect squad.

Besides, gamers need to improve their squad with many upgrades over time. Add new equipment and level up your heroes to help them improve their attack and defense stats. At the game’s store, gamers can find a variety of rare mythological devices. But of course, they need to pay to own them, in order to gain better power.

Alliance to strengthen the power

Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok will lead you through many mysterious journeys in the many worlds of Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Norse mythology. In each location, gamers will find powerful gods and rare equipment to strengthen their forces. Besides, let’s ally all civilizations together to create total power. Gamers can also join guilds to build alliances, to help and support each other in building their empires and against other enemies.

Alliances can also oppose each other for resources and power. So join forces with your allies to fend off reluctant invasions. Besides, gamers can constantly expand their empire in size and status. They can build and upgrade strongholds, becoming larger over time. The whole world seems to be in your hands, but you need a strategy to conquer it and aim for the pinnacle of power.

Realistic images, diverse contexts

Although only owning a 2D graphics platform, the game image is described as sharp and realistic, highlighting the legendary gods and the Asgard civilization background. You will feel the different temperaments of each god and creature with a well-groomed appearance and impressive skillsets. The combat effects are also very eye-catching, the game context also changes flexibly according to the game content. At the same time, the sound is also a great highlight with the attractive, powerful background music.

How to install Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok

Please remove other versions of Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok if available on your phone. Then you can proceed to install its MOD APK version here following these steps:

Step 1: Click the “Download” link in this article and download the APK or MOD file of the game.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait for about 1 minute for the installation to complete.

Step 3: The game will be available to play on your phone after installation.

Download Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok APK for Android

Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok is an attractive strategy game that gamers cannot miss. Join it now to truly be a part of the mythical war in the land of Asgard. Your mission is to gather the most powerful gods to fight the brutal forces and plot to overthrow the mythical civilization. At the same time, you can join forces with many others to upgrade your position, expand your empire, and conquer larger enemies over time.

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