Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout MOD APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited Money] Download

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Update OnJuly 14, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout MOD APK is a tower defense game with pixel design. Your mission is to fight the evil zombies to protect the farmer’s gardens. You can place powerful warriors and attack zombies with unique vegetables and plants.

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Introduce about Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout – Defend against legions of zombies

The tower defense genre is introduced to you again, but it’s fresh and addictive in Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout. This game is built on a fun scene, which is a tiny garden being attacked by zombies. The task of the gamer is to set up a defensive barrier to fight the enemy, and at the same time produce agricultural products to earn money and upgrade.

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With such a fun background, anyone can play this game. The zombie image is also not as brutal as you think, on the contrary, it looks small and fun. The combat effects also contribute to the explosive tower defense battles on the vertical screen of the phone. Discover it all in your own experience.

Strategic battle on the farm

At the beginning of the game, gamers are warned about an upcoming zombie epidemic. It can destroy the entire world, including their wonderful gardens. Therefore, to prepare against waves from zombies, gamers need to prepare effective defenses. To do this, they simply click to select warrior cards and place them on the map. But they need to arrange your warriors wisely to optimize their strength. There are many types of warriors with the ability to use separate weapons and learn about them before using them.

Besides warriors, the game also offers a great variety of plant weapons. Gamers can combine them together to create a solid and powerful defense. Each level in the game will include multiple waves of attacks. By going through them all, gamers will level up and gain access to lots of new content. While the war was going on, the farmers were still working hard and making money. That money will be used to unlock warriors and weapons and upgrade them all. Combat and production go hand in hand. Protect your fields to produce more to serve the war.

Unlock more weapons and warriors

There are many defensive units in Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout. It can be archer, gunner, magician, turret, and more. Your warriors can use a variety of weapons, such as carrots, bananas, green peppers, watermelons, durians, and many other plants. The more expensive the vegetables, the greater the damage, helping gamers gain an advantage in the battle against zombies. The durian tornadoes will become the enemy’s nightmare. Or a popcorn explosion would be pretty cool to wipe out a large horde of zombies.

By using gold coins, gamers can recruit more new units. After recruiting, they just need to arrange them on the map along the path of the zombies to set up defenses. They can also upgrade units to improve their power, cooldown, and damage range. With greater power, gamers can go further to level up continuously and master all battles. Moreover, the number of unit types will become increasingly rich, allowing you to create many different types of strategies.

Explore a series of tough challenges

The battles in the game will become more and more difficult as the level progresses. Your enemies can range from weak zombies to bosses with great HP. Bosses often appear in the last attacks of each level. And gamers need a dense defense and powerful turrets to fight them. Besides defensive units, gamers can use skill cards such as snow rain, fire bullet rain, and more. Do not let the enemy enter your fields, or you will lose good harvests.

Classic pixel design

Unlike most other defense games, Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout has a classic pixel design style. It brings a friendly and fun feeling, thereby satisfying a wide range of players. The details on the battlefield are small but sharp and realistic. You can see many types of zombies, warriors, agricultural products, and even colorful backgrounds. Music also always accompanies your battle. And the explosive effects also contribute to creating unforgettable epic battles.

How to install Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout

Step 1: Click the “Download” link in this article and choose to download the game’s APK file.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”.

Step 3: Please the installation is finished to open the game, log in to your account and enjoy it.

Download Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout MOD APK for Android

Don’t miss Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout if you love the strategy genre. You will become the leader of the farmers to fight the evil zombie legion. Repel them from your farm with powerful warrior units, weapons, and turrets. Strategic battles with explosive effects will keep every gamer hooked for hours. Just click to build defenses and see what happens on the vertical screen of your phone, are you ready?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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