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NameCompany of Heroes
PublisherFeral Interactive
Category Strategy Games
Latest Version1.2.1RC6
MOD FeaturesNo
Package google play
Update OnJuly 16, 2021

If you are a fan of the war game genre, do not miss the fascinating game Company of Heroes. Currently, is available on Google Play and App Store but is a paid game. If you want to play it for free, please click on the link at the end of this article to download the APK + MOD file.

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Introduce about Company of Heroes

download company of heroes

Before being known as a strategy game for mobile, Company of Heroes to publisher Feral Interactive was once a very popular game on the PC platform. Critics, as well as the community of players, have praised this game and expect its strong growth in the market. And the truth is it has become one of the best games in the genre of strategy games.

In terms of content, the game is inspired by World War II in the years 1939 – 1945 to bring gamers to the fierce and most authentic battles in human history. Here, you will transform into one of the warriors in war. So, prepare your mindset and a perfect battle plan to deal with tens of thousands of enemies.


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As mentioned above, the Company of Heroes is set in the second war and in particular the Normandy campaign when the US-led the Allies to conquer Western European countries in 1944. This campaign was divided into several phases and is carried out in many different regions throughout Western Europe. To ensure success, each legion must capture bases or lands at designated locations. Furthermore, during the campaign, there may be other quests allocated from the superior.

As the commander of an army, players must devise an intelligent strategy to complete the assigned task. Start from gathering and organizing troops, then building barracks, investing in supplies, equipment, weapons, and is ready for any unforeseen battles. In battle, you are in control of the legions, can order an army to attack or retreat to other positions. Therefore, the outcome of each battle is entirely up to you. If that fails, try again.


download company of heroes apk

The game provides an extremely detailed control panel where the player can control all their troops, from infantry and air force to tanks. It’s in the bar at the bottom of the experience screen. In addition, in the left corner of the screen, there is a small map showing the topography and location of the area. You should learn how to read it expertly as this is the basis for the player to control the soldiers appropriately. Although the game’s controls are quite confusing you can practice it gradually through the tutorial.

Mission system

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The mission of the game will be allocated according to each level. Initially, the player will receive a small task such as doing a quick campaign. Its goal is to destroy certain enemy bases or structures in a short time. At that time, you can command a small army to infiltrate inside the enemy base, mark the core points, and order the air force and tank support from the outside. For this quest, adopt the strategy of “hit fast and win fast”.

Besides, players may encounter more difficult quests at higher levels. They can be large-scale air or sea battles. At that time, it was not easy to control the situation of the war. Remember, your enemies are powerful armies armed with modern and dangerous weapons. Therefore, this will be an unpredictable battle. If you are complacent or look down on your opponent, I think you’ll have to fail many times.


The background and images of Company of Heroes have been depicted very authentically thanks to the sharp 3D graphics. The experience space has a change of day and night cycle combined with effects such as light, smoke bombs, fire, and vivid sound to create a perfect experience. It can be said that the game’s graphics are an important factor that contributes to the game’s content. Since then, it helps to successfully re-enact typical wars in history right on the phone screen. However, with high-end graphics quality, the Company of Heroes is suitable for playing on devices with medium configurations or higher.

How to install Company of Heroes

Step 1: Click on the link below this article to proceed to download the MOD version of Company of Heroes.

Step 2: Click “Install” to install the game, then go to your device’s “settings” and allow the operation of unknown apps.

Note: Copy the folder “com.feralinteractive.companyofheroes_android” to the folder “Android/Obb”.

Step 3: After the installation completes, click the game icon on the desktop to launch it. Finally, your job is to enjoy the most engaging tactical battles of the Company of Heroes.

Download Company of Heroes APK for Android

At Company of Heroes, players will have the opportunity to experience the battles of the Normandy campaign as a commander. Numerous missions, large and small, require you to directly control different armies to face thousands of enemies. This seems quite challenging for every gamer, even experienced ones. Remember, every decision you make in the game is part of the outcome of the war. So what can you do to win?

MOD feature:

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