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Clash Quest APK is a strategy game to experience the highest peak strategy game of 2021. Prove you are the strongest on the islands by building an army to destroy defenses and defeat giant Bosses. Not only fighting, but Clash Quest also offers exciting adventures that you cannot predict. Are you excited about it?

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Introduce about Clash Quest

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about Supercell. This is a quite famous mobile game publisher from Finland, has owned a valuable game collection of all genres, including Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Following the success of its predecessors just mentioned, Clash Quest is expected to become a hot name shortly.

download clash quest mod apk

Why can we make this claim? Clash Quest is a game that was just released not long ago but has 4.6 out of 5 ratings on Google Play. Furthermore, a lot of game users and commentators did not hesitate to praise it. These achievements are great for a new game, right? We think it would be a great choice for every gamer.


Clash Quest is a strategy game built with turn-based combat. Specifically, players need to collect and build their army to fight with the built-in defense system. Besides the usual battles, players also have the opportunity to encounter legendary bosses like Goblin King, Papa Dragon, and more. They usually appear on difficult levels, after the player has completed some common levels.

Your army

In a strategy game like Clash Quest, the most important thing is how to build and organize your squad. Each unit of soldiers in your squad has a certain role determined by their skill. Therefore, they need to be arranged in the right positions to maximize the skill strength. In addition, players must also consider the ability to cause damage from defense systems. They will attack your squad when it’s your turn, so find a way to minimize damage.

Do you think placing strong soldiers in the forefront, soldiers thinner but dealing massive damage in the middle or bottom row? That is a suggestion, however, it is not always appropriate. Depending on the tactics in each match that players can plan their squad.


Clash Quest brings classic Clash defense systems, such as Mortar, Inferno Tower, and X-Bow. Each system will have different attack and defense capabilities, so players also need to diversify their tactics. To do this, besides the formation of the formation, the player also needs to consider the types of attack spells. They include iconic spells like Fireball, Swap, Charge, and Log. And they are what makes your victory in this game. So don’t forget to collect post-battle loot to unleash all kinds of spells, while unlocking new soldiers. Find ways to enrich the squad, thereby giving your advantage in each match.


The character system in Clash Quest is relatively diverse, so it gives players great options to build squads. As mentioned in the previous section, the characters in the game will have different skills, which in turn determines their role in the lineup. Some are mages capable of unleashing magical skills, some possess strong physical strength, some can attack from afar.

They can be combined in many ways, but only the best combinations help them maximize strength. What does that mean? The best tactic is the perfect combination between troop units. It is the deciding factor for winning or losing most of the match. So, practice more to get to know your characters. This helps you to make better decisions while building and layout your squad. Also, don’t forget to upgrade characters and unlock new characters. There are many interesting things in the game store.


Clash Quest has an extremely simple control system, so it does not require too much manipulation from the player. After building the squad, players will officially start the match displayed on the vertical screen of the phone. The battlefield scene has 2 equal parts, one side is the automatic defense system and the other is the player’s formation.

The characters in the squad will be shown below, accompanied by their number. Besides, there are two function buttons to consider, the button “grenade” and button “switch”. It allows the player to attack or change units of soldiers in the formation. In addition, characters will automatically attack when activated. So just click on the screen and enjoy the ultimate magical attacks.


The game owns a classic 3D graphics platform with images designed in a familiar cartoon style. The color combination in the game is quite harmonious, the context is diverse and the effects are extremely smooth. In addition, in terms of sound, the game brings vibrant background music, contributing to the climax of matches to create endless inspiration for all gamers.

How to install Clash Quest

Step 1: Download Clash Quest version (APK + OBB) from us.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Move the file “com.supercell.clashquest.zip” to the Android / Obb folder.

Step 4: Tap install.

Step 5: When the game is finished, the “Clash Quest” icon will appear.

Download Clash Quest MOD APK for Android

A new strategy game full of attractive features never before is available in Clash Quest. Deploy your squad to defeat the most complex defenses or even legendary bosses. This is a place for you to show your tactical mind and a place to entertain and enjoy exciting adventures. Are you ready to do that?

MOD Features:

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